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Clyburn tried to use the definition of “Voter ID” to play Switcheroo, but failed – RedState

In the latest issue of CNN’s “State of the Union” program on Sunday, the House of Representatives majority whip and Rep. James Clayburn (D-SC) tried to prove that the Democratic Party’s dishonest definition of what Americans should show is to prove them. Can participate legally in our country’s election process.

The host Dana Bash mentioned Sen first. Joe Manchin(D-WV) “a plan that requires an ID card or utility bill” and added “[s]Some Democrats like Stacey Abrams say they can accept this. “

Cliburn is ready to solve the question of whether he is willing to completely set it up:

“Dana, when I first registered to vote as a 21-year-old – at the time, 18-year-olds could not vote – I got a voter registration card. I always showed my voter registration card when I went to vote. This Is the voter ID”

Except it is not.

As the setting of the question shows, he is not the first member of his party to implement this “fine” voter ID definition-this is also the activist and Georgian election loser Stacey Abram Part of the flip-flops between Rafael Warnock and Georgia Senator Rafael Warnock. On this issue, my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote About the recent. She also mentioned that their two-pronged strategy includes that the Democratic Party never opposes the lies of voter ID cards.

This is Cliburn:

“We always support voter ID We never support disproportionate voter ID”

But then he said some nonsense about the hunting permit and the student “activity card”:

“When you told me that you must have a photo ID, a photo of a student is not good as an activity card, but for hunting permits, it’s good, and that’s the problem.

I don’t know who is opposed to identifying yourself when voting. But we don’t want you to tell me that my ID is bad, because I don’t have a gun, and I don’t go hunting. “

Observe carefully and see if you can connect these points better than me.

Then there is resistance: Cliburn tried the oldest Democratic strategy in the book (well, besides, “Do it for the kids!”). We reiterate “They tried to hurt grandma!” Of course there is equity! 11! ! !

“No, I dashed an unfair ID, any type of ID you got.

People, if you are 94 years old and you no longer drive, but you still watch the news every day, you want to keep up, you want to vote, and you don’t have a photo ID, then you should be able to vote with any ID you have. “

Except for the Democrats who say: “These people are children and cannot take care of their lives”, how would any reasonable person read it? Where is Bash or other reporters’ counterattack to such an offensive thing? It didn’t happen, and it won’t happen.

This is the problem that the Democratic Party will encounter, just like they plunged into a brick wall.As a red state Report June: Opinion polls show most Republicans with Democratic voters want voter ID cards. Even better, as Brandon Morse wrote: “What is emerging is a model of voter identity law. Back in April, Rasmussen found Most black voters do not believe that the voter ID law does not discriminate against them at all. “

No amount of language or emotional appeal can change the fact that most Americans see all kinds of skin colors and beliefs in their daily lives. We are called the melting pot for a reason. People just don’t buy what the progressives sell.

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