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Cobb breaks into Wimbledon quarterfinals

secondo Gradually, the idea of ​​what the story will become becomes more specific.After the sovereign victory over the 17-year-old Korygoff (6:4, 6:4) Angelique Kerber Just like three years ago, this Tuesday in the quarter-finals of the tournament, the match was played in the same place. She was on the road in a short while, but after that, she couldn’t be caught. The way she hits the ball these days, the way she moves, how she celebrates special points and how stable her performance is even in tricky situations, all of which are very reminiscent of the events of 2018 and her seventh heaven. trip.

At the beginning of the game, both sides were a little confused-this is usually the first time the two played against each other. A few days ago, Kerber said on this question: “Of course, you are ready, but this is the difference between theory and practice, until you notice the feeling of spinning or how fast the ball comes. Only when you are on the court You will really notice this when you go up.” Gough assured that she prefers to figure out what she should do anyway, because she encounters new opponents’ problems more frequently than others. “I’m still in the early stages of my career, so it’s almost always my first time to participate in all competitions.”

She clearly remembered Angelique Kerber’s victory three years ago, and quickly realized that the state of the German opponent was approaching its former heights. Kerber was the first of the two to keep her serve in the first set to rewrite the score to 4-2, and since then she rarely seems to be in danger. She also took the lead in the second set and ended the game in a way that was not always taken for granted in her career: an ace in the middle.

There is not much time to look forward to the best results in the Grand Slam tournament in three years, because the quarter-finals played against the 24-year-old Carolina Muchova from Prague. The two encounters with the Czechs two years ago were very good. Kobel won two games, but Mučova is much better now than then. A few months later, she reached the quarter-finals of Wimbledon. At the Australian Open in January 2021, her form was even better than after beating the top spot in women’s tennis. Ashley Barty, Into the semifinals. Muchova knew what would happen. “She never gives up,” she said of Angelique Kober, “you will feel that she is everywhere on the court.”

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