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This article originally appeared in James Edition.

The crossover between the world of performance cars and high-end boats is natural. Both represent an elegant fusion of form and function. Both have powerful engines and cutting-edge technology. Both are located in the most scenic places in the world. One of the latest and extreme examples of the intersection of cars and ships is the official cooperation between Italian Ocean Group and Lamborghini. One of the first Lamborghini yachts is now on sale on JamesEdition.

Everything you need to know about the new Lamborghini yacht: configuration, price, top speed and design

Car theme

The Lamborghini LY 63 is called Tecnomar. The Lamborghini is named after the year of establishment in 1963 of the car manufacturer headquartered in Sant’Agata Bologna, but this number also represents the length of the ship (63 feet) and its production operations (will only Produced 63 feet). According to reports, UFC fighter Connor McGregor has purchased the 12th of the 63 aircraft.

The hull of the ship was designed by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, designed by a team of naval engineers, and its shape was inspired by Sián FKP 37 Hybrid But there are also hints of classic works designed by Marcello Gandini, such as Miura and Countach. Other Lamborghini styling clues such as hexagons and Y-shaped patterns make the interior unique, while the stylish hard top is inspired by Lamborghini’s current series of sports cars.

The car theme extends to the area under the hardtop, and the steering wheel, instrument cluster and seats look almost as if they were drawn directly from the Lamborghini. The dashboard also integrates all navigation and control systems.

Configuration and interior design

The Tecnomar for Lamborghini yacht offers three basic configurations.

“Lounge Version” is an open space concept with a relaxing sofa and closet, and a private bathroom for the owner. “One Cabin Version” divides the kitchen by the bow area and gets a king-size bed from the bow sofa. At the same time, the front cabin has a spacious open space and a dedicated master bathroom. The “Double Cabin Version” has two separate cabins. The main cabin at the bow is equipped with a king-size bed. The cabin is designed for friends. The two single beds can be combined into a king-size bed.

Colors and materials can be customized through Lamborghini’s personalized program called Ad Personam. The extensive list of options includes underwater lights, radar, special paint, bulwark windshield, rear awning, external bar (sink, ice maker) , Refrigerator), backlit ship name, carbon exterior steering wheel, electric exterior table, custom embroidery and stern thruster.

Tecnomar’s designers used as much carbon fiber as possible in the structure to keep the maximum weight of the ship at 24 tons. As for power, Tecnomar is not equipped with one but two 24-liter MAN V-12 twin-turbo diesel engines. Each has 2000 horsepower (4000 horsepower in total), which allows the boat to reach a maximum speed of 60 knots. According to Tecnomar, it is “the highest power output on the market.” The engines are started via buttons obtained directly from Lamborghini (one button per engine).


Tecnomar price The price is 3,000,000 euros, and one of the first Lambo yachts is listed for sale on JamesEdition and can be purchased through a Lamborghini dealership located in southern Florida. With only six dozen produced worldwide, it is almost certain that you have the only Lamborghini boat at the dock.

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