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Commenting on the CDU in the election campaign: Mason shows off

DAllegedly, the Republic is eager for a campaign about the depth of content and facts, and has received– Hans-George MasonFrom a green perspective, one can understand that any disturbance is welcome, even if it will cause Hildburghausen in the Thuringian Forest. The president of the CDU Regional Association there now made a dramatic statement in the federal election campaign: Hans-Georg Mason is still a direct candidate for the CDU in the Suhl-Schmalkalden-Meiningen-Hildburghausen-Sonneberg constituency people!

Does this threaten German press freedom? After listening to the debate over the past few days, I have to ask sarcastically. Mason once again used exaggerated expressions to draw attention to himself. Public service broadcasting has “obvious left-handedness”, which he thinks is not particularly surprising, because in his opinion, everything in Germany is left-handed in some way.

But Mason is particularly fascinated by him Ed And “Tagsau”. There are employees there who are connected to left-wing extremist activities. He recommends thoroughly investigating this connection and conducting a personality test.

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Everything about it is a bit confusing, and a bit unclear: which contacts are you referring to? Who are the horses and riders? What should be investigated specifically? What does it mean to “test” personality traits?

As expected: Mason was accused of hoping to restrict public broadcasting through commissions of inquiry and attitude testing-an attack on freedom of the press. Part of the ceremony was Maaßen and then explained himself again. In other words: He didn’t want to say what should be allowed again.

Armin Laschet needs explanation

This case is very suitable for candidates, because the CDU chairman needs to explain: Armin Raschelt Want to be prime minister, but even the former president of the Constitutional Protection Office can’t make an order? Or even better: kick out?

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