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Crazy Democrats in Oregon say “green energy is super awesome”-RedState

Just as the National Democrats are chasing the imaginary gold pot at the end of the green energy rainbow, so do the Democrats in Oregon. They are fully committed to wind, solar and hydroelectric power as the only source of electricity for the Oregon grid. This is an excerpt. from Oregon Public Broadcasting Report Regarding the Democratic Party’s plan:

Some Oregonians actually understand this science and are shocked by Oregon’s Democrats’ desire to implement “green energy suicide” because it is destined to implement dozens of blackouts in California in the future. One of them is Chuck Wiese, a meteorologist. He sent the following shocking email to his old friend Lars Larson, who is a national radio talk host, and generously agreed to publish it to a wider audience Audience.

I think I will briefly study the madness of the political class in Oregon, who want to turn our grid into hydroelectric and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy by eliminating coal and natural gas, because false claims about these sources can cause climate Variety. Never mind that nuclear energy will be an excellent alternative to solar, wind and natural gas, but environmental nut work will not have any of these. So far, it has been able to convince people like Senator Michael Denbro (D) and Representative Karin Powers (D) ) These power sources are considered dangerous and harmful to the environment. This is also untrue.

This is a now-defunct link to Oregon’s 2020 electricity usage and production,”Overview of Energy Risk in Oregon. “Before it is cancelled (to avoid embarrassing Democratic lawmakers?), the following information is available for perusal:

Energy use rated capacity

Coal 2.6 TWh .6 GW

Hydropower 30.3 TWh 8.4 GW

Natural gas 20.9 TWh 4.4 GW

Wind and solar 7.2 TWh 3.8 GW

TWh = terawatt hour (1 terawatt hour = 3.6 x 10^15 J)

GW = gigawatts (a multiple of 10^9)

The total electric energy consumed in 2020 is listed as 51,940 GWh = 1.86984 x 10^17 J

The total rated capacity excluding wind and solar energy is 13.4 GW = 4.22583 x 10^17 J

Therefore, in the absence of solar and wind power, we are at the ratio of these numbers or 1.698984/4.22583 = 44.2% or 44.2% of the rated capacity.

The total number of vehicles available in Oregon From this chartThere are 1,424,799 motor vehicles registered in Oregon, of which approximately 32,000 are electric vehicles. For example, because there are many environmentalists in Oregon, the total number of electric car registrations will rise to 50% of this value in the next 10 years, or 712,400 electric cars will be reached by 2030. I consulted with my electrician and Tesla and learned that if you buy one of the cars and want to approach a reasonable charging time, you will need to make a special household charging socket that will use your two-phase 120V input Line, converted to 240V through a 50-amp circuit. Using this connection, you can reach the maximum charge limit of 8,110 watts to charge your average 75 kWh Tesla battery. Using this circuit will take 9.25 hours to charge from 0-100%, about half the time is 50-100% and and many more. With a 100% charge, you can drive 315 miles (not including energy use for lighting, heating, or entertainment), but this is a far cry from this total.

Based on this information, I don’t have an exact figure to estimate the number of electric vehicles that will be continuously charged on the grid, but I think 30% is a reasonable estimate. Using this number, we will have 213,720 cars continuously charging and using this power. One year later, this will be equal to 0.546604 x10^17 J.

If we add this figure to the power consumption in 2020, then we are 2.41644 x10^17J / 4.22583 x10^17 J = 57.2% of the rated capacity (excluding solar and wind energy).

Now, let’s follow the plan of the Oregon State Legislature to remove coal and natural gas, and add solar and wind energy to the hydropower mix:

When we get 2.41644 x 10^17 J / 2.90822 x 10^17 J = 83.1% of the rated capacity, this will greatly change the number. Now in this calculation, I did not use the rated capacity of solar and wind energy, because the available power will never reach the rated capacity. The true capacity is strictly a function of the Earth’s latitude and our annual cloud cover and wind climate statistics. I compared last year’s solar and wind power generation with the 2014 table listed in the link. These figures are almost the same, which proves that the actual available power generation is only 22% of the rated maximum, so it is 0.25920 x 10^17 J 2020. This should be good for 2030, unless large amounts of solar and wind energy are added, which will be very expensive and will directly affect the cost of generating one kilowatt hour of energy. Since the cost of charging Tesla batteries may be close to $150.00, this will explode in front of electric vehicle owners. Currently, PGE charges 50 cents per kilowatt hour. At $2.00 per kilowatt-hour, it costs $150.00 to charge a Tesla battery for 315 miles (minus lights, heat, and entertainment). This is the 2014 table.

The lesson from all this is that if the Oregon State Legislature continues to disrupt our grid as planned, the state’s total power consumption will be close to 85% of the rated capacity. Also keep in mind that this figure does not show us the equation for plotting the variable load on the grid over time, where the daytime peak and nighttime minimum are higher and lower than the average consumption load of the day. Therefore, even at 85% of the capacity, the peak load may exceed the capacity, resulting in outages and rationing, just like in California.

Therefore, I also proposed that with the increase in population and the further requirements of the legislature, all new homes will ban the use of natural gas for heating and cooking. Instead, electric stoves and heating will be needed. We are heading for disaster. These calculations do not even consider these additional or considerations, but they will certainly push the peak load above the rated capacity of the grid.

Considering that the Covid-19 lies we now know were used to lock us and try to force vaccination, it is clear why the political class would accept this madness. They must know that in addition to causing shortages and energy rationing, it will also cause the price of power generation to rise rapidly. They obviously like this because it will be another opportunity to control each of us individually.

By creating a power shortage, the resulting rations will cause the program to determine who can drive on a certain day, who must use public transportation, and you can set the thermostat to a temperature for heating or air conditioning-all of which are “saving the planet” “The name. If you use public education and the media to keep telling them about climate lies to fully brainwash our young people (thanks to Michael Mann, Kevin Trombos, Gavin Schmidt, Phil Mott and other incompetent people) , This might work.

These people do not care about our standard of living, nor do they care about their impact on the dollar and the financial system. Cut off our energy independence from them, allow radical board seats (such as those who just served at ExxonMobil) to occupy radical board seats, and allocate ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) for these companies and all other companies Ratings and standards, this is also obvious. United States. The idea behind setting up this scoring system will determine the borrowing capacity of major banks and establish authoritarian relationships with companies that call John Q Citizen (not remotely connected to any company) as “stakeholders” because their status becomes more important than shareholders More importantly, it attempts to make citizens “victims” of corporate profits by calling them greed and social irresponsibility. The only “antidote” will be for private companies to redistribute profits through the creation of plans to create such plans prior to dividends and R&D, giving their profits to the stand of “social justice and fairness”. If a company does not do this, their “bad governance” will be punished through the bank and pressure will be exerted through “environmental justice” groups, which will give these companies bad “public relations” scores. Of course, this will include diversified recruitment, which will restrict any company from recruiting the best talent based on merits, achievements and experience. This is part of their plan to overthrow the American capitalist system. This is the Chinese model of communism.

This country has infected the radical communists in our university system and their connections with important positions in the government and criminal justice system. I clearly see the Biden regime deliberately trying to destroy the country’s economic engine and force us into the globalist system they are rapidly inventing. If they succeed, and we do not stop them now, this will have a profound impact on the living standards of all those who love freedom and the entire free world.

in conclusionIn the context of Chuck Wiese’s warning in the last paragraph of the email above, consider all the final US decisions made by Hologram and his men since the January inauguration. He accurately summarized the leftist’s plan of action to destroy the American economy, which is to replace our free market economy by replacing the totalitarian control associated with the implementation of the “Green New Deal” with abundant and cheap energy resources, and we all benefit from it. The United States was established. No wonder the rural counties of Oregon want to break away from and join Idaho in order to escape the inevitable Orwellian dystopia caused by the green dream of the Oregon Democratic Party?

the end.

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