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Dana Loesch threw the Democrats’ excuse for the surge in gun crime into the wood chipper – RedState

Democrats are very good at two things. The first is to deny all logic in order to advance the narrative or agenda. The second is to ensure that no matter what the problem arises, they will not be held responsible for it. As with the form, when it comes to the soaring gun crimes across the country, they both did it, and radio host Dana Loesch appealed to them on the matter.

Appearing on the “Fox News Prime Time” program on Wednesday night, Lesch was asked to comment on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new executive order that declared gun violence into a disaster emergency, which is the United States This is the first time in history.

Cuomo’s plan to respond to this new emergency involves the creation of a new “Gun Violence Prevention Office” department within the New York Department of Health.

“We went from one epidemic to another. We went from the COVID to the gun violence epidemic. And the fear and death that followed,” Cuomo said. “When you look at the most recent numbers, there are more people who died from gun violence than from COVID…We are losing young people.”

His executive order will invest $138.7 million in taxpayer funds into employment programs for high-risk youth, many of which are government jobs.

However, Loesch has determined the real reason for the rise in gun crime, which is simple. Politicians are preventing the justice system from doing what it is supposed to do.

“Actually, politicians have not enforced the law to reduce penalties, and in some cases – in Chicago and New York there are many cases, they have not even filed a lawsuit against the felon who has a felony, and this is the reason for this crime. . This is the reason for this, not the law-abiding gun owner,” Loesch said.

This may sound simple, but denying law enforcement and writing off crimes will only make criminals bolder and continue to push the limits to see what they can escape. Considering that these politicians will not enforce the gun laws already in the books, and in places where gun laws are already very strict, such as New York and Chicago, but gun crime is unbelievable, it is not surprising that gun crime is on the rise. It is unlikely that there will be more gun laws to solve this problem.

“Take New York as an example…you have magazine capacity restrictions, you have registration, I mean, you can argue that the HIPAA law is weakened so that doctors can report patients at their discretion, [which could be considered] Cancel due process… But with all these laws, their crime rate is still skyrocketing. Especially illegal possession, illegal possession of these guns that are prohibited from being used to commit other felony crimes,” Loesch said.

In the final analysis, this is not a pandemic or a health issue, but a law enforcement issue. Cities such as Chicago and New York tied the hands of officials behind their backs and/or reduced funds, through absurd “reforms” and released repeat offenders, and the crime rate has soared. Not surprisingly.

Rob Ortt, the leader of the Republican Party in the New York Senate, also raised this point.

“A few days after finally relinquishing emergency powers, the governor declared another emergency.” Ort says“Today’s crisis in cities in our state is directly related to the disastrous bail and the passage of other criminal justice’reforms’. An out-of-control parole committee has released countless murderers and other dangerous criminals, and the Democratic Party has called for the withdrawal of our funds. Policemen.”

In short, if the Democrats really want to help stop the problem of gun crime, they need to stop blaming guns and ordinary citizens and start reviewing their disastrous policies.

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