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Who is convincing on the red carpet?

DAs Film Festival The Cannes Film Festival is back, and luxurious haute couture dresses appeared on the red carpet. The endless staircase leading to the holiday palace has always been a window for designers and jewelry manufacturers. After a year of mandatory holiday holidays, during this period, even when interviewing at home through Zoom, I saw stars wearing jogging pants. Actresses, models and directors are now wearing large robes and returning to the Côte d’Azur.

first of all Spike LeeWang Junkai, who served as the chairman of this year’s film jury, never succinctly reprimanded at the press conference, and his flashy suits attracted attention every time he appeared. At the opening ceremony, he wore a pink two-piece suit and matching sunglasses, which he replaced in the building with his signature dark horn-rimmed glasses. And because Lee doesn’t have to wear high heels like female guests to climb the steps (Cannes is also very traditional here), he wears a pair of Nike sneakers specially tailored for him. His portrait entitled “President of the Jury” is embroidered on the tongue of the right shoe. On the left is him, as he can also be seen on this year’s holiday poster, he plays the role of Mars Blackmond in “She Must Have It.” He first appeared in Cannes with this film in 1986, and now he is “the first African diaspora to preside over the Cannes jury”, as he himself said in front of reporters.

Bright colors, eye-catching accessories

He is not the only one who dared to use bright colors and eye-catching accessories: actress Helen Mirren wore a sun-yellow dress in front of the camera, and it was obviously fun to dance on her folds. German influencer Leonie Hanne designed a pale green chiffon waterfall decorated with rose feathers. Russian-French actress Elena Lenina has braided an arch-sized braid so that she can keep the minimum distance between unpleasant people and corona to a minimum. At the evening of the opening movie “Annette”, Bella Hadid, who appeared with a long train, thought it was more elegant, but equally spacious. Generally speaking, trains and cloaks are the most common theatrical accessories on the red carpet-when you return to the hustle and bustle of the festival, then bring all the power of a Hollywood diva.

But now you are asked: Who is wearing the most beautiful party look? Would you rather believe in the simple restraint of some French movie heroines-or more extravagant than other tourists? vote:

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