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Dozens of bodies found off the coast of Tunisia

“Unknown Cemetery”: Immigrants who drowned on their way to Europe are buried in Zarzis, Tunisia.
Picture: dpa

After four ship accidents in the past few days, 49 bodies have now been recovered from the coast of Tunisia. People want to travel across the Mediterranean to Europe.

NAfter several ship accidents, 49 bodies were found off the coast of Tunisia. A spokesman for the local security forces of the German news agency said on Monday that a total of four ships had sunk near the town of Sfax in the south of the country in the past five days. People come from countries south of the Sahara and are on their way to Europe. Due to the current stable weather conditions, a particularly large number of people are currently trying to cross to Italy.

After a boat accident on the coast of Tunisia, 43 migrants were killed on Saturday. 84 people from Sudan, Eritrea and Bangladesh were taken ashore. A week and a half ago, the Tunisian Navy rescued 267 migrants from distress.

Time and time again, people in Tunisia and Libya dared to venture across Europe for work and a better life. Dozens of people often die on this Mediterranean route. According to the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES), since the beginning of this year, about 3,000 migrants from Tunisia have come to the Italian coast. According to the NGO, there were more than 1,100 people in June alone.

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