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RKI requires a vaccination rate of at least 85%

DNumber of people in Germany opposed to the bill coronavirus Vaccinations are increasing every day. In the past month, an average of 770,000 syringes were injected every day, combining the first and second vaccination. But given the latest estimates of experts, this is far from enough to prevent the fourth wave of infections that may occur in the fall.

This applies to teenagers and adults from 12 to 59 years old Robert Koch Institute (RKI) As announced by RKI in the notice, the “necessary and achievable” vaccination quota is 85%.The thesis is Can be found on the institute’s websiteThe calculated target vaccination rate is based on the mathematical model and the results of the existing vaccination acceptance survey. In the citizen age group 60 and above, proportionally, more people must be protected from the coronavirus. RKI believes that they need 90% of the vaccination quota. If these vaccination rates are reached in time, “it seems unlikely that there will be a clear fourth wave in the coming fall/winter,” the paper said.

However, this applies to reservations. According to experts, these vaccination quotas are sufficient only if citizens continue to observe basic health measures. In addition, the quota applies to the assumption that “if the number of infected people increases again, exposure will decrease to a certain extent”, as said.

The decisive factor is time. Experts estimate that the more contagious Delta variant will become the main variant in Germany this month. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, as of Sunday (including Sunday), nearly 57% of citizens have received at least one vaccine. 39% are fully protected. Before all age groups reach the 85% vaccination quota, 36.2 million first vaccinations and 50.9 million second vaccinations must be administered nationwide.

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