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ESPN harvested the awakening whirlwind-RedState

In its never-ending self-immolation effort, ESPN found itself in another scene, where it was surrounded by flames while holding a burning match, but insisted that it did not know how the fire started.This time, the raging fire comes from infighting, because it has been found A bit quarrel Broke out in between jump Hostess Rachel Nichols and NBA countdown hostess Maria Taylor.

Last year, shortly before the NBA Finals, the mascara hit the fans, which begs the question: If there is an NBA Finals and No one is watching Did it really happen? But I digress. In any case, the white Nichols expressed dissatisfaction with her employer’s choice of black Taylor to host the NBA Finals pre-game show instead. Whereas Nichols is, as mentioned earlier, jump, ESPN’s weekday shows are dedicated to everything about the NBA, and her response is not unreasonable. It was Nichols who pulled out his paw. In a conversation that shouldn’t have been recorded, he said aloud something that must not be said…that is, the truth:

“If you need to ask her to do more, because you feel pressured by your long-term poor diversity record-by the way, I personally know it from a female side-for example, do it. You can only find it elsewhere. . You will not find it from me, and you will not take my things.”

What makes this matter more interesting from a distance is that Nichols’ comments were made during a phone call with LeBron James’ longtime advisers and agents. I kid you not.

Not much to say, back to the story. Conversation leaks stored on ESPN servers began to be filtered internally and externally. When Taylor’s desk heard what she said, she didn’t feel very good. So that she refused to accept Nichols’ apology. What’s even more stressful is that once the superior gets involved, the only punishment is to forward the recording to Taylor’s employees. Nichols’ comments were placed in the “employees vent because they didn’t get the performance they wanted” file.

Some ESPN users shouted out their anger and leaked butthurt’s internal memo:

Inside ESPN, especially in the NBA team that works with Taylor and Nichols, many employees feel angry when they watch the video. They are particularly disturbed by their belief that Nichols expresses many common criticisms used by white workers in the workplace to belittle non-white colleagues—Taylor was offered a hosting job only because of her race, not because she was the best at the job. Good candidates.

Ah, those horrible “many” employees in the legend. Of course, there may be another reason for anger, similar to how the emperor felt at the end of the parade, when a child said something everyone knew but was overwhelmed by pressure from his peers: Nichols was telling the truth. From this writer’s point of view, she did it. It’s not that Taylor is not good at her job; she is very capable. But nothing more. There is nothing outstanding in her work. Nichols did a great job hosting jump And is a skilled interviewer. She should be selected to host the pre-match show of the finals. But, because she only checked one iconic virtue signal box, and Taylor hit two of them…you do math.

The story gets better. Unless Nichols does not show up, Taylor refuses to host the pre-match show. (And you think Mean girl According to reports, ESPN said yes, and then inserted the pre-recorded clips with Nichols into the program. Fur, it flies. This led to a classic scene in which various ESPN employees including Tyler wore suits and threw themselves into it hotly:

In a preview call involving show stars and producers in Los Angeles and New York, Taylor insisted on telling an executive that she was able to conduct live interviews with sideline reporters. She also mentioned recording telephone conversations. (Adrian) Wojnarowski jumped in and called Nichols a bad teammate. (Jalen) Rose said that ESPN has made many requests to Black employees in the past year, but he and other Black employees will no longer extend their credibility to the company.

Uh, Jaylen Rose? You have no credibility. And, as one might have noticed, Stephen A. Smith is still ESPN’s preferred employee. No matter what happens to Smith, if he thinks he is being used in any way to gain unfounded credibility, the idea that he will continue to work at ESPN is ridiculous.Although the whole thing makes people feel like living in Whocaresville, it’s interesting to note that this network specializes in Drive away the audience because it perseveres in pursuing a progressive agenda Suddenly faced with internal conflicts because it was unable to make decisions based on merits or tell its employees the truth.

A final note about Maria Taylor. She is currently in the final weeks of her contract with ESPN. Taylor can make a million a year. ESPN offered her a new contract, paying up to $5 million per year. She refused. According to reports, she wants $8 million a year, which is entering Stephen A. Smith’s realm. really? Love or hate him, people listen to ESPN to hear what Smith says. No one said the same thing to Taylor. It’s great to know that Taylor’s inability to accept reality encompasses multiple aspects of her inflated value.

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