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Federal President Steinmeier calls for combating sexual violence

BNon-president Frank-Walter Steinmeier Urge society to pay more attention to and act decisively when it finds signs of sexual abuse and violence. “Combating sexual violence is a task that concerns all of us, each of us,” Steinmeier said in a conversation with the National Committee against Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents in Berlin on Wednesday. It is important to be aware of the level of sexual violence undertaken only through social media. In the past year alone, the authorities have recorded more than 14,500 child abuse cases. The number of unreported cases may be many times higher. Those who suffered sexual violence in childhood and adolescence often find it difficult to start a family or find a job. Steinmeier said that many affected people live in unstable environments or have to exceed their limits to allow their daily lives to be supervised.

Heike Schmol

Political journalist in Berlin, responsible for “Bildungswelten”.

The Federal Minister of Family Affairs said that in the National Committee, all levels of government, professional practice, science, and affected people combine their knowledge and efficiency. Christine Lambrecht (Social Democratic Party). The problem now is to digitally establish the concept of protection required by the National Committee in the facility. The concept of protection is one of the key points of the “consensus” proposed by the National Committee.

Concept of protection of digital space

The federal states want to implement the concept of protection in schools. In addition, the assistance to those affected should work better together. This applies in particular to the child and youth welfare system as well as the health system and social compensation. They must look at children and possible violent situations with a well-trained eye, and are particularly qualified to do so. The National Committee also hopes to improve the framework conditions for trials and hearings in family and criminal proceedings. For this reason, practical auxiliary tools suitable for child-friendly programs have been developed. The newly established Federal Child and Youth Media Protection Center will work with the National Committee to develop a protection concept for the digital space to better protect children and young people from sexual exploitation. Education about rituals and organized violence needs to be improved.

In addition, the Council hopes to strengthen protection against exploitation and international cooperation in order to more quickly identify minor victims of human trafficking. The committee is also working to gain more knowledge about sexual violence against children and adolescents, and to improve the data base on the extent and forms of sexual violence.

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