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French man sentenced to 30 years in France for murdering a family of four by “Nazi gold”

A French man murdered four of his family members and mutilated their bodies because he Thought they were hoarding gold and avoiding the Nazis Has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Hubert Caouissin confessed to killing his brother-in-law Pascal Troadec, 49, and Troadec’s wife Brigitte, 49, as well as the couple’s two children, Sébastien, 21, and Charlotte, 18, in February 2017.

Caouissin, 50, was convinced that the family was sitting on rumors of gold bars and coins, and deceived his wife Lydie—Troadec’s sister—he thought she deserved her share. The court heard that he was described as an “ordinary” person. He was fascinated by treasures and there was no evidence.

He has been monitoring the family at their home in Orvault near Nantes in the west. FranceAnd tried to listen to their conversation with a stethoscope against the window. When he felt uneasy, he killed Pascal Troadec and then killed three other family members. Sebastian and Charlotte were killed in their sleep.

Caouissin then removed the body, dismembered it, and burned it or buried it. Police later found 379 body parts around the Caouissin farm in a remote area of ​​Brittany.

52-year-old Lydie Caouissin was sentenced to three years in prison for helping her husband dispose of the body, with one of them suspended.

The jury in the Nantes court reached a verdict later on Wednesday after a trial of 16 days and a 7-hour deliberation. Caouissin admitted to the four murders, but said they were “accidents.” He denied that his actions were premeditated.

On March 9, 2017, the police searched the marshy banks of the Aulne River near the home of Caouissins in Pont-de-Buis-les-Quimerch in western France. Photo: Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

The relationship between Caouissin and his brother-in-law has been difficult for many years. Caouissin believes that the rumors of Troadecs’ possession are the gold discovered in 2006 by the father of Lydie and Pascal in the basement of the building where he works in Brest. The gold is said to be part of the 50 kg cargo that the French bank hid from the Germans during the occupation.

No trace of the rumored gold that triggered the killing was found.

A psychiatrist once stated that Caouissin suffers from a typical “paranoia.”

Attorney General Charlotte Gazzera told the court: “Mr. Kaysan killed four people in a terrible bloody massacre… He is too dangerous. There is no doubt that he should be released.”

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