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Governor of Nebraska declares July as “Remembrance Month for Victims of Communism” – RedState

Nebraska is doing well Governor Pete Ricketts Because of the courage to scream for communism. At a time when communism/socialism became more and more popular in the United States, Ricketts made it clear that communism is an evil ideology that runs counter to everything the United States has established.

According to the governor’s announcement, “Communism is a political ideology that has caused the deaths of as many as 100 million people.”

Unfortunately, when fools argue and discuss communism, this incredible number is almost never mentioned.

“Joseph Stalin’s collectivization plan claimed 60 to 10 million lives, while Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward caused approximately 45 million deaths.”

Once again, when communism/socialism prevailed in the United States, why were these devastating deaths hidden under the proverbial carpet?

“Hundreds of millions of people continue to live under communist and socialist regimes that restrict freedom and lack respect for human rights.”

Ask Hong Kong people what environment they prefer to live in: communism or freedom? I think the answer will be very convincing.

“Millions of people have suffered political and religious persecution under the rule of the CCP, including Xinjiang Uyghurs, Christians in underground churches and other religious minorities.”

That’s because under the communist/socialist system, there is very little room for religion. After all, in a country controlled by communism/socialism, it is the government, not God, that is supreme.

“Capitalism and the American free enterprise system help promote human rights and personal dignity.”

This is perhaps the most compelling complaint against the morally bankrupt communist/socialist system. In a free country like the United States, individual rights are sacred and inviolable. On the other hand, in a communist/socialist country like China, individual rights are inferior to collective will, or “collective will” as the leaders of the Communist Party think.

Furthermore, in a free country, an individual makes choices based on his or her self-interest, or better described as “enlightened self-interest.” In other words, in a free country, mutually beneficial and voluntary transactions are social norms.

However, in communist/socialist countries, there is no such thing as voluntary trading. That’s because communist/socialist countries rely on central planning and government power. Essentially, this is a zero-sum game.

Ricketts concluded his announcement by describing the obvious differences between the social contract in the United States and the lack of social contracts in communist/socialist countries.

“The Nebraska Constitution declares that’everyone is born free and independent, and possesses certain inherent and inalienable rights; including life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.'”

“Nebraska has always been home to people all over the world who seek to live, work and worship freely according to their conscience.”

In these two sentences, Ricketts pointed out the essence of the American experiment: freedom.

In the United States, we the people are free to blaze our own path. We are free to make our own decisions. We are free to worship as we see fit. We are even free to criticize the government.

This is not the case in communist/socialist countries. In these countries, the people are the pawns of the party. There is almost no tolerance for freedom. Even those who dare to defy the party’s line cannot be tolerated.

As Americans, we should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where freedom is still the mainstream. At the same time, we should make every effort to educate those who are vulnerable to the increasingly loud socialist sirens.

Fortunately, Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska, personally took the responsibility to ensure that the people of Nebraska understand the horrors of communism and appreciate the blessings of freedom. I just hope that more governors, leaders and ordinary Americans will follow his shining example.

Chris Targo ([email protected]) Is the senior editor of The Heartland Institute.

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