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Grow your business in today’s fully digital, working anywhere, anytime world

I spent a lot of time working with the Salesforce Canada team. Recently, I had the opportunity to be in#road to maturity LIVE series and first-class cast:

Joe Mimran, founder of Club Monaco and Joe Fresh
Jaldeep Pandya, Sr. Honda Canada Business Transformation Manager
Zahra Al-Harazi, Skillit goal-driven leadership expert and entrepreneur
President of Amber Mac, AmberMac Media Inc.

Our theme is not only growth, but also innovation in customer experience and employee empowerment. The world has changed and I can never go back. The companies that will become stronger are those that embrace technology to sell, service, market, and collaborate anywhere.

The Salesforce team created this snippet from the event to illustrate the importance of using magic in the customer journey.


We must look at what aspects of the customer journey we have failed to meet customer expectations, even in the smallest touch points and the largest services and products. We need to find ways to start improving. What problem can we solve now? Then after you start ticking these boxes, take a look at their favorite experiences, especially if they are outside your industry, and let it inspire you. See how you can convey the “wow” factor, sprinkle a little magic dust on your experiences, make those experiences become good memories, and those memories become brands.

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