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How can the “waking up” leftists stop hating the United States? – Red State

Another Independence Day has come and gone. However, as in the past when celebrating the founding of the United States, anti-American sentiment from the ultra-left was rampant. These people believe that it is necessary to commemorate July 4th by portraying the United States as a country of racism, sexism, and other bigotry, which has acted as an oppressor in the past and present.

This New York Times Took a picture American flag, Suggesting to readers that the symbol of this country has become divided. In addition, left-wing members of Congress like the House of Representatives. Corey Bush (D-MO) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) expressed their belief that black Americans are still not free.bushing Twitter:

When they say that July 4th is about freedom in the United States, remember this: the freedom they are referring to is for white people. This land is stolen, and the blacks still have no freedom.

Author and podcaster Touré wrote an article for Grio titled: “F**k July 4th: The only independence day I recognize is June Festival. In this article, he propagated the claim that the Revolutionary War was to protect slavery and was debunked.

There are many other examples of leftists’ hatred of the United States.Media monitoring website News anchor A compilation of 20 worst remarks about the United States from so-called progressives.

So what to give? For decades, the ultra-left has despised the United States. Members of Congress who call themselves progressives condemned the ills of American society, such as police brutality, poverty, and various injustices. Activists marched and protested on the streets and university campuses to fight for fairness. However, although they control most of the areas where the affected people live, they have hardly taken any measures to influence major changes.

In view of this reality, it is necessary to ask: What do these people want? What must happen before the followers of Awakening can finally cultivate at least a little respect and — dare I say — love for America?

Leftists attacking the United States have clearly remained silent when setting specific goals. Take racism as an example; since racial prejudice can never be completely eliminated, how much does it need to be reduced before these people can recognize that this country is worthy of respect? Besides, if they are so concerned about the racial differences caused by racism, why don’t they seek real solutions? In the end, why do they discourage fruitful dialogue on these issues and just lazily accuse everyone they disagree with is drooling and paranoid?

What about the gap between rich and poor? We see people like Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claiming to care about the plight of people living below the poverty line.However, she did not hesitate to ensure that thousands of New Yorkers could not AmazonIn addition, like her comrades, this legislator promoted expansionary government policies, which only forced the poor to continue to rely on the generosity of the country instead of real prosperity.

Although mind reading is impossible, I believe the answers to these questions are clear.The hardline left will no way Love America-at least not the incarnation of the present. The United States that these people will like is the country where the government has the most control and influence over our lives. Feelings for the United States will only come after the daydreams of Western utopias are realized.

In other words, the ultra-left will not be satisfied until they destroy the United States and then rebuild it in their own image from the rubble.Marxism have to If America is to be worthy of respect, it will rule this day.

For this reason, the stubborn leftists are working overtime to inject critical racial theories and creeds that awaken theology into state institutions. The American military and classrooms have become the battlefield of ideological warfare, because the left and the extreme right are pressing for their faith to dominate.

The education system is vital to so-called progressives.Currently, the whole country basically Refused The influence of the extreme left. However, if they can plant the seeds of Marxist ideology in the minds of children, they will reap huge benefits in the years to come. Remember, these people are different from conservative movements. They learned how to fight protracted wars a long time ago. Republicans are thinking about tomorrow, while the left is thinking about the next few decades.

It is important to keep this in mind when observing how the left moves. Their goal is not to improve America, but to reshape America. They will not stop until they finish what they started when President Barack Obama announced that they would “fundamentally change America.”

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