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How to Enjoy Summer Without Irritating Your Skin + Where to Get Free Aveeno Skin Soothing Products

In warm summer months, it is likely to irritate the skin. Since summer is the perfect combination of beach days and enjoyable activities in the sun, it can be a painful season for those with sensitive skin. Taking care of sensitive skin during the hotter months is crucial to avoid dryness and skin damage.

For people with sensitive skin, the issue of avoiding sun exposure or severely limiting time outdoors is all too familiar. While others enjoy the warmth of the sun, those with sensitive skin must take extra steps to protect themselves from potential damage. Summer’s intense heat, powerful UV rays, and increased humidity can wreak havoc on delicate skin, causing discomfort, redness, irritation, and even sunburn.

The good news is that Aveeno is making summer fun again! Aveeno understands sensitive skin and has developed products specifically designed to address this issue. You no longer need to hide from the sun or worry about skin reactions.

“Sensitive skin needs gentle care, especially during the hot summer months. At Aveeno, we understand the importance of providing effective nourishing and protecting solutions. Aveeno’s Triple Oat Complex is clinically proven to soothe skin so you can embrace summer with confidence.” We are proud to be the trusted choice for individuals looking for skincare that truly cares. Experience the power of Aveeno to let your skin thrive this summer,” said Ira Santos, Senior Brand Manager, Skin Health Franchise, Kenvue Philippines.

Using natural ingredients like Oat Extract, Aveeno’s dermatologist-tested formula soothes and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Ready for a stress-free summer? Here are some tips and tricks to keep your skin happy and healthy all season long.

stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep your skin hydrated and healthy, especially in summer. Carry a water bottle with you and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

keep skin clean

Keeping your skin clean is also important to prevent irritation and breakouts. In summer, sweat, dirt and oil can build up on your skin, so be sure to wash your face and body with a gentle cleanser twice a day. If you have sensitive skin, look for products like Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. This unscented body wash gently cleanses and moisturizes with a soothing triple oatmeal formula. It helps soothe dry, itchy skin and strengthens the skin barrier for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Moisturize to protect your skin

Keeping your skin hydrated and nourished is crucial, especially during the hot summer months when the sun and heat can take a toll on your skin. To avoid sudden dry skin in summer, apply a gentle moisturizing lotion, such as AVEENO® Skin Relief Lotion, to your body at least once a day, and more often if needed. This dermatologically tested moisturizing lotion relieves itchy skin in as little as 60 seconds! *Based on a 24-hour test. frequently used. Results may vary.

Aveeno’s Soothing Moisturizing Lotion, enriched with a triple oat complex, provides multi-benefit benefits for dry and itchy skin, perfect for summer. The ingredient oat is known to help maintain the balance of the skin’s natural microbiota and has been recommended for years to help manage sensitive skin. The oatmeal in the formula soothes and hydrates the skin, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable summer vacation without interruptions.

With its powerful skin-nourishing properties, Aveeno’s Triple Oatmeal leaves your dry skin feeling soothed and moisturized, truly enhancing your skin’s healthy appearance, making it a great choice for summer skincare. AVEENO® Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion is clinically proven to provide up to 72 hours of long-lasting hydration after 4 weeks of continuous use, locking in moisture while protecting the skin barrier.

wear light and comfortable clothing

Traveling this summer also means traveling in the heat. The last thing you want is clothes that are uncomfortable and cause skin irritation from the heat.

A strategy for staying stylish while staying cool and comfortable this summer is to wear linens. The material is lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. The fabric is absorbent, but that doesn’t mean your clothes will get wet with sweat stains.

This summer, Aveeno has teamed up with local linen brands to take your skincare experience a step further this season. Check out these stylish and comfortable local brands and get a chance to win free Aveeno Skin Relief goodies when you shop in their stores!

Local linen brand giving away free Aveeno skin soothing products

Arts and Crafts

Artisanat is a resort and swimwear brand offering timeless pieces and everyday wardrobe essentials. The materials they use are carefully selected and 70% of their products are sustainably and ethically made.

Lily Street

Calle Lily offers quality and sustainable linen clothing in classic styles in neutral and eye-catching colours.


Cariño creates timeless clothing that is good for the planet. 90% of the comfort fabrics they use are recycled and upcycled.

beyond the collective

Beyond Collective is an eco-conscious Filipino handmade linen clothing brand. They make tops, dresses and pants and offer custom sizes.

For people with sensitive skin, summer survival is all about protection, hydration, and choosing the right clothing and skincare products. Follow these irritation-free tips and tricks and enjoy summer without worrying about skin problems. Whether you’re lounging at the beach or walking in the park, you’ll feel comfortable, cool and confident all summer long.

For more information on the new and improved Aveeno Skin Relief, visit Aveeno’s website at www.aveeno.com.ph and follow Aveeno on their social media pages @AveenoPH.

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