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In Geneva, President Vladimir Put described President Joe Biden as “smart, good at collecting, and will not miss anything”. Putin called Biden a professional, and said that the two sides have consensus and differences, but the conversation was fruitful. Biden showed safety, emotional balance, focus and preparation. It is foreseeable that the extreme right will anger their supporters, label Biden’s performance as “too weak” to Putin, and ignore Trump’s fiasco in Helsinki. He accepted Putin’s denial of Russian interference in 2016. U.S. intelligence investigation results of the election.

The memory of Trump’s meeting with Putin is daunting because he always appears anxious, submissive and insecure. He pleases him like a first date, trying to impress the person you have a crush on. In contrast, President Biden made the United States proud in handling the Geneva meeting with Vladimir Putin. After cleverly winning the support of our allies at the G7 and NATO summits in Europe, Biden met Putin with confidence and dignity and realized his intentions.ABC News Online reported that Biden’s intention was to “meet His goal is to restore the “stability” and “predictability” of the post-Trump superpower relationship, and Biden and Putin agreed that this relationship has reached a “low point.” The two leaders seemed to relax each other and reported that the meeting was positive. Putin described Biden as a “very, balanced, professional person.” He did not use these adjectives to describe Donald Trump. Biden described Putin as “a worthy opponent.”

The media reported that Biden had stated that he did not think this meeting would persuade Putin to change his behavior on issues where they disagree. Despite this assertion, he called a meeting to begin a dialogue on issues that are important to American values. Extensive media reports pointed out that the question Biden promised to raise at the meeting was;

  • Human rights, including the recent aggression against Ukraine
  • Freedom of the press
  • Election interference
  • Opposition Party Alexis Navalny
  • cyber security
  • Involving the swap of two U.S. Marines prisoners

After the meeting, Biden announced that “I did what I came here to do.” A tangible achievement was the agreement to allow the ambassadors of the two countries to return to the posts they were forced to abandon due to the deterioration of relations between the two countries. However, the biggest result was the agreement to continue discussing all the issues raised by the two leaders after the Geneva meeting. Putin benefited from meeting with Biden on the world stage with the President of the United States, and Biden benefited from showing to the Americans, our allies and Putin on the world stage. If they come into contact with Russia, he is not afraid to be tough on Russia. Our elections or any aspect of our infrastructure.

Compared with Biden and Putin’s agenda, Trump and Putin’s agenda in Helsinki in 2018 is narrower. Although National Security Adviser John Bolten paid great attention to national security issues at the summit, Trump seemed to be mainly concerned about the US’s getting along with Putin and Russia, and debunked the US intelligence that Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election in an attempt to help. Survey results. He was elected. During his presidency, Trump’s main motivation was to refute more and more claims that he was not a legitimate president because his victory was intervened by Russia. Although there are many issues that require the attention of the executive branch, Trump still united and complained that the Russian investigation was a political persecution. Biden’s performance in Geneva shows that his motives are best for the United States, not for his politics.

Like many meetings and summits among world leaders, whether there will be any results can only be revealed by the passage of time. Government officials of the two countries will be responsible for following up whether a dialogue aimed at reaching consensus and compromise takes place. Most Americans are satisfied with the way Biden handled it during and after the meeting with Putin. The humiliation of the American president is over, and the whole country breathes a sigh of relief.

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