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Investigation concludes that BBC deceived Diana to conduct famous interview

In 1995, Princess Diana gave A legendary interview with Martin Bashir of the BBC In it, she described in detail the unhappiness of the royal family and its eldest son, her husband Charles at the time: “The three of us in this marriage.”

But in the negotiations before the chat, the BBC used false bank statements to manipulate Diana and her brother into believing that there was a court conspiracy against her, inducing her to preemptively agree to an interview. BBC has been lyingAccording to an internal but independent report, the report singled out Bashir and the managers in the 1990s.

“The use of deception in the production of factual shows is only allowed when serious crimes are being investigated… and preliminary evidence of the guilt of the person under investigation has been obtained,” Richard Ayre, BBC editorial policy chief In 1995, told the “Daily Telegraph” on Thursday. “These circumstances obviously do not apply to the interview with the Princess of Wales. The use of major deception in this case is unacceptable.”

Bashir Resign his post Served as the BBC Religious Editor before the network released the investigation report. According to BBC News Deputy Director Jonathan Munro announced the news to employees in an email on May 15. protector.

It seems very British make sure the report was made by meHave time for Bashir to read it.

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