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Italian word of the day: Dunque (so/then/therefore/okay)

Today we’re going to look at a lovely word that every Italian learner should know— so – translated as so, Then, so or Excellent Depends on the surrounding environment.

so from Vulgar Latin *sowhich is a cross of Vulgar Latin so and latin once (meaning “once”).

In its most basic form, so is a connective word used to introduce a result, like a word like so and so in English. For example:

A defensive phrase you often hear in everyday Italian is so?which is similar to English so what?, What is it to you? or What's the big deal? It is synonymous with the sentence so? or so what?

Although defined in most dictionaries as a conjunction, it is more commonly so Used as an adverb, its purpose is to emphasize a phrase, or to reinstate a previous topic of conversation, as in these words so, Then and Excellent in English. Consider the following example:

In layman's terms, so Often used to get a few extra seconds of thinking time before answering a question, starting a conversation, or starting a speech.

Woman thinking and planning at homeWoman thinking and planning at home
So, let me think… = Well, let me see…

So far we have seen so as a conjunction and an adverb, but you know it can also be used as an invariant noun and its meaning is View or crux? Used this way, it almost always appears in a set expression Get to the pointmeaning is Get to the point.

You may also hear alternatives Get to the point (literally “get to the point”) and Get to the point (literally “getting to the point”), both have the same meaning Get to the point.

Another common expression is Now we get to the point! meaning is We are at a turning point!

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