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Javid will address MPs in the hope that Covid restrictions will be lifted quickly


Ajid Javid Expected to issue the first statement of the House of Commons after rejoining the Cabinet because he is skeptical of the blockade Congressman It is hoped that he will break the practice of his predecessor and promote the rapid lifting of restrictions.

Mr. Javid became Sanitation Committee After Matt Hancock resigned over the weekend, he said on Sunday that his “most urgent priority” will be “ensure that we can get back to normal as soon as possible.”

Mr. Hancock has become unpopular among some Conservative MPs who see him as an obstacle to easing coronavirus restrictions.

Since Monday is the week before July 5, that is, the halfway point of the extension of measures and the earliest point in time when the remaining restrictions can be lifted, Mr. Javid is expected to return to the House of Commons delivery box for the first time since he stepped down as prime minister. In February of last year, I was told that if he wanted to keep his job, he had to fire all consultants.

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Although he is not expected to end the remaining blockade before July 19, he reportedly believes that these measures will not exceed that date.

The ministers promised that any changes in restrictions will be notified one week in advance.

Javid, along with Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, is considered more of the so-called “hawkish” camp of the cabinet’s approach to the coronavirus.

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In a re-interview with Sky News last May, he expressed his concerns about the prolonged blockade and how they will affect the economy.

In contrast, Mr. Hancock is considered a “pigeon” and he requires stricter restrictions.

Asked on Sunday whether the Labour Party will support any methodological changes under the leadership of the new Minister of Health, the leader Sir Kyle Starmer Said: “I am afraid we have seen chaos today because the incoming health minister said he wants to open up as soon as possible. The government has now refuted this.”

Comparing Mr. Javid’s comments on reporters with similar statements made by his new department in his name, but omitting the “as soon as possible and as soon as possible” clause, Sir Keele said: “I don’t think this has stimulated people’s confidence. First, The Minister of Health issued his position this morning, and the government opposed it again.”

In addition to the pandemic, Mr. Javid has countless issues to deal with, such as the upcoming NHS reforms, the backlog of treatments facing patients, and the long-awaited social care plan.

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