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Joe Biden said he came to your door and asked serious questions – RedState

As Red State Report Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that so far unnamed agents will check the vaccine status “door to door” in an attempt to increase the population’s vaccination. Obviously, this is a worrying development, and I will talk about my personal thoughts in a minute.

But to prove that this was not just an impromptu comment by Psaki, President Joe Biden reiterated the same promise a few hours later. This is obviously a vetted and well-thought-out messaging strategy, which is crazy when you consider that people who have not been vaccinated might receive it.

First, what power does the federal government have to knock on the door of those who have not been vaccinated and force them to join? I understand public service announcements and so on, but this seems to go beyond many levels. No one, especially government personnel, should go to people’s homes and ask them to make private medical decisions. Is the goal here to distribute brochures? If so, then why not just say it, instead of being so vague about the intent in the game?

But as Ted Cruz consultant Omri Ceren pointed out, the other big question here is where do these so-called knockers get their information?

My assumption is that the Biden administration actually has no data to know who has been vaccinated or not. If the goal is to really knock on the door, it will be a problem, and we have now asked Psaki and Biden to talk about it. How do they know what door to knock? Without this information, would they randomly knock on the door and ask for information about the vaccination status? If so, I don’t think it will be great.

None of this makes any sense, maybe it was not intentional. Maybe this is more of a threatening strategy?

In any case, this seems to be an absolutely terrifying strategy to encourage people who have not been disturbed to get vaccinated, whether it is black Americans (the highest group of “vaccine suspicions” per capita) or people living in more rural areas. Does anyone think that Republican voters who live ten minutes away from the city will be kind to certain government workers who knock on the door and tell them that they need to be vaccinated? If anything, the White House strategy seems completely counterproductive, more likely to cause ridicule and keep people away from vaccines.

The reality is this-the vaccine is available, and everyone knows it is available. The federal government continues to push this thing so hard, it is a waste of money, let alone large-scale over-expansion. Those who want to shoot may already have it. Those who are unlikely to have their reasons, whether it is natural immunity or the fact that their daily lives (that is, rural America) will not expose them to much risk. Others will get it when they want it.

Risks exist in all aspects of life, and you cannot force everyone to eliminate them in the same way. We have entered the personal choice phase of the COVID pandemic. Biden does not recognize it as the standard of the course.

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