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Left-wing writers criticize Independence Day – RedState

It is July 4th, which means it is time for the extreme left to use this opportunity to criticize the United States. We have already met Congressman Corey Bush (D-MO) pretend In the United States, “black people are still not free.”This New York Times be attacked American flag. But now, a well-known professional runner has also joined the “American Bad” chorus, and he is rewriting history with his sweet soprano.

Author and podcaster Touré Shout Titled “F**k July 4th: The only independence day I recognize is June Festival. In this article, he repeated the false claims made by Nikole Hannah Jones, who integrated the 1619 project. He wrote:

Independent for whom? For black people, for our ancestors, this is not independence, so why do we celebrate July 4th? Not only did Americans own slaves at the time of American independence, but slavery was completely wrapped in the independence movement.

In this article, Toure cites a passage from Jones’ article:

If some founders do not understand that slavery gives them the right to do so, we may never rebel against Britain. It’s not that they don’t believe that independence is needed to ensure that slavery continues to exist. It is not accidental that 10 of the country’s top 12 presidents were under slavery. Some people might argue that this country was not established as a democratic country but as a slavery country.

In the article, the author also complained about the strong opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) Be taught In a classroom in the United States, it was argued that “this country engages in racism while trying to pretend that it is not.”

Touré admitted that black Americans worked hard to “make America more American-freer and fairer,” but they still couldn’t allow themselves to recognize the progress they had made. In fact, he, like many other left- and extreme-rights, often ignores or downplays the progress made by the United States, and prefers to focus almost exclusively on its flaws and evils.

And this is the fatal flaw in the ultra-left debate. They want their audience to believe that the United States has not made significant progress in realizing the values ​​she founded.

The reality is that for people like Toure, the United States can never satisfy them. The reality is that no matter how much progress we make as a country, they will still pretend that we are living in Jim Crow-like conditions. These people will always have ammunition, because the United States, like every other country that has ever existed, will always have shortcomings.

Most importantly, the goal of people like Toure is to promote more racial divisions and imply that the United States is hopelessly racist. What they didn’t admit was that the narrative they continued was an insult to Americans-blacks and whites-and they worked hard to push America forward.

Yes, there is more work to be done in the pursuit of equality.I confess to My previous works On Independence Day. However, we cannot celebrate the legitimate progress that we have made because some problems still exist. This idea is not only absurd but also counterproductive, which runs counter to what they claim to achieve. Maybe they are not as serious about their mission as they want us to believe.

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