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Manila Broadcasting Corporation is now known as MBC Media Group

After 85 years of development since its inception in 1939 with KZRH (now DZRH), Manila Broadcasting Corporation is now relaunched as MBC Media Group to embrace new era media. MBC has always demonstrated its ability to proactively adapt to the changing needs of Filipino audiences. Over the decades, the company has evolved from a pure broadcast entity to a multi-platform business due to strategic expansion of channels and services. To keep pace with today's rapidly changing environment, MBC has adopted a fresh look and new proposition, ready to tackle the country's dynamic media landscape.

New MBC Media Group

To herald a bold new era for the broadcast giant, MBC has unveiled a new brand name: MBC Media Group, The contemporary new logo shows how the company is adapting to mobility now and into the future.The new design also features six ovals, symbolizing 6 strategic business units (radio, television, promotions, talent, events and digital)also represents the sound of its legacy business as well as a depiction of its wider audience reach.

To celebrate this landmark change, MBC executives and employees, customers, advertisers, industry partners and media colleagues gathered at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City, Metro Manila on February 6, 2024 to witness the company’s new look The unveiling. Attendees also toured the studio's facilities before heading to the main theater to watch the show.

Attended were Fred J. Elizalde, Chairman of MBC Media Group and wife, The artistic director of Ballet Manila is Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.

Assistant Vice President – Digital Media Sasha Elizalde-Del Rosario The event officially opened with the announcement that the rebrand is not just a cosmetic change, but a thoughtful step for the future: “Our upcoming transformation is more than just a name change. It is a strategic evolution, a reflection of who we are and who we are. A reimagining of the enormous potential it holds.”

Juan Elizalde, Senior Vice President of Operations Revealed the company’s six new strategic business units and outlined how the strengthening of these units affects the company’s overall strategic vision and development in three ways: “First – larger audience, better service and more exposure A platform for your audience. Second – a fully integrated campaign in the air, online and on the ground. Third – more for Filipinos around the world!”

New brand name and logo revealed President of MBC Media Group Current Chairman of the National Assembly of the Philippines (KBP), Jun Nicdao”, he explained how this transformation will impact the company’s stakeholders: “For you, our dear partners, this symbolizes our larger and stronger integrated media platform to help you grow your business. For our audiences, it also means we now have more ways to better serve them through information, entertainment and community service events throughout the year. As our audience grows, we grow together, kaya Sama-sama Tayo Pilipino! ”

The media giant’s launch campaign is “Sama-sama Tayo, Filipino!”; a fitting statement that echoes MBC Media Group’s call to unite into the future, expressing commitment to a common direction and collective success.

Key officials and representatives from six strategic business units attended the launch ceremony: MBC Radio was represented by Atty. Rudolph Jularbal (DZRH Station Manager), Jonathan Decena (Vice President of Radyo Natin) and Johnny “Ivan” Quiling (AVP-FM Operations and Programming), also currently Head of MBC’s Events Department; MBC Digital’s Christian Dela Cruz (Chief Digital Officer ; John Carl Galang (Director of Advertising and Promotions); MBC Talents is headed by Vince Jaen, who also serves as the company's Assistant Vice President of Integrated Media.

The event concluded with a giveaway, with lucky participants winning generous raffle prizes.

MBC Media Group renews its commitment to excellence and continues to engage audiences across the Philippines with forward-thinking content and cutting-edge services. As the company enters its next era, MBC Media Group remains committed to delivering unparalleled news and entertainment and expanding its horizons to reach new audiences. In addition to this development, the company also launched a new corporate website (, providing an interactive platform for viewers to explore and learn about the latest developments.

MBC Media Group’s new logo

MBC's legacy, but evolved into what it is now. The brand identity exhibits fluidity, reflecting MBC's evolution and adapting to the present and future. The six ovals represent the various departments of MBC Media Group.

These shapes can also be interpreted as amplification of sound waves or signals to achieve wider digital coverage. Its outline is circular, reflecting the community and unity of all parts of MBC. The design uses a flat, color-blocked style to create a modern aesthetic.

“For you, our dear partners, this symbolizes our making our integrated media platform bigger and stronger to help you grow your business.”

—Jun Nicdao

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