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Triund Trek: The Hiking Lover’s Complete Guide

this triple trek It is approximately 9 kilometers long and offers stunning views of the mountains and valleys of northern India. This is an easy dead-end hike for beginners and experienced hikers alike. Along the way you will see panoramic attractions such as the Magic Observation Deck and the Snowline Café. Many of the campsites have amazing facilities on top so you can spend the night under the twinkling skies.

Amazing view of Kangra valley

Kangra Valley is located in himachal pradesh. It is famous for its scenic beauty, vast grassy valleys, towering mountains and gurgling rivers. There are many ancient temples in the gorge, including the magnificent Kangra Devi Temple. It’s also a stylish haven for adventure activities like trekking, paragliding and camping. The area is famous for its tea gardens, where you can enjoy a cup of fresh Kangra tea while admiring the stunning views.

Kangra Valley, Western HimalayasKangra Valley, Western Himalayas
Kangra Valley, Western Himalayas

Triund trek starts from McLeodGanj near Dharamshala. You'll begin your hike by passing beautiful forest trails as well as waterfalls and rivers. The route usually gradually escalates and you will reach the summit of Mt. While trekking through the trails, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Dhauladhar Range. The Triund trek can be completed in a day, but many people choose to spend a night at the top of the Triund mountain to experience the elegance of the place. You must bring enough water, snacks and warm clothing.

magical view

this kangra valley Its sloping green landscape offers sweeping views, surrounded by the emerging Dhauladhar mountain range. It's a landscape worth contemplating, especially at sunrise and sunset, when the colors of the sky and mountains create a strange scene. The valley also has attractive villages, ancient temples and tea plantations that add to its delightful beauty.

Several luxury resorts to choose from

If you want to stay in Kangra Valley for a day or two, there are many options.A popular resort is Lac Resort It is a beautiful resort that offers a comfortable reconciliation, integrated with the beauty of the valley. Another option is Norwood Green Resort, known for its tranquil atmosphere and exceptional hospitality.

Lark Resort, Himachal PradeshLark Resort, Himachal Pradesh
Lark Resort, Himachal Pradesh

If you want a more affordable and lower-quality option, you can also consider guesthouses and homestays in nearby villages. For this, you need to check out online booking platforms for more options available. The hike first crosses a section of water, then crosses a river, and then you arrive at a meadow surrounded by green landscapes, from where you can see numerous mountain peaks and snow-capped glaciers. It does provide a charming camping experience. All you need to do is enjoy a cup of hot tea with friends and experience the beauty of the majestic peaks surrounding your campsite.

in conclusion

The scenery of the Triund trek is beautiful and mesmerizing, including lush green grasslands and snow-covered areas throughout the trek. Not only that, but the snowy mountains combined with the foggy weather and drizzle were great. This moderately difficult hike passes through colorful, dry areas with scattered rocks and sparkling rivers, providing rare views and experiences.

triple trektriple trek
triple trek

The hike offers stunning views of snow-capped mountains, loft-green valleys and beautiful green meadows filled with alpine trees. You can also see the magical Kangra Valley from there. The hike usually departs from Mackenzie and takes approximately four to five days to complete. The climax of the Triund trek is reaching the top of the Triund trek where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the numerous surrounding mountains. The Triund walk is a moderately strenuous walk but can get more difficult and steep at times. Therefore, one must be careful and courageous enough to complete this trek, and must have appropriate stamina and fitness.

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