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Marilyn Manson charged with assault

youS shock-absorbing joystick Marilyn Manson (52) Faced with the authorities after being accused of bodily harm while appearing in court in 2019. Guildford (New Hampshire, USA) police announced an arrest warrant for the musician in May. Guildford Police Chief Bieberby told USA Today and other American media on Thursday that Manson appeared in Los Angeles last week. The musician was released on bail. The case will be heard in New Hampshire in August.

The arrest warrant can be traced back to an incident with a female photographer at a concert by the Guildford Rock Band in August 2019. According to US media reports, the rock singer is said to have spit on the film camera at the concert. released a short video of the spitting incident. In an interview with People magazine, three concert audiences described a female photographer who had been spat on many times. Manson’s lawyer Howard King described the allegations as “ridiculous” in May. As we all know, Manson likes to provoke on stage, “especially in front of the camera,” King said.

In recent months, several women have filed allegations or complaints of sexual or physical violence against Manson. For example, actress Evan Rachel Wood accused her ex-boyfriend of years of “horrible” abuse in an Instagram post in February. Los Angeles police are investigating allegations of domestic violence. The singer immediately denied these allegations. The musician wrote on Instagram in February that his art and life have long been “magnets of controversy”, but what he said about him was “a terrible distortion of reality.”

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