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New report and video reveal the name of the police officer who shot Ashley Babbitt – RedState

We have been Report issue Who shot Ashley Babbitt. This should not be a political issue. But it has become a problem, so much so that President Donald Trump even raised the issue.

This is a basic transparency issue that will be exposed in almost all other cases. This is what we expect in a free society. This is not only the name, but also announced more facts about the case that the Congressional Police did not provide. However, the Congressional Police are controlled by Congress and are therefore not subject to FOIA. Therefore, despite requests including Babbitt’s family, the Congressional Police refused to give up the name.

Because of this, at least one person was mistaken for the police officer who fired the gun. The USCP stated that the report mistook someone for the official as “misinformation.”

There is now a report on real names, according to what the acting House Sergeant said at the hearing on February 25, According to Real Clear survey.

Both C-SPAN and CNN deleted his name from the transcripts, but CQ Transcripts-according to its website, provides “full words from Capitol Hill; exactly the same”-records Congress official Timothy Blodget (Timothy Blodgett), calling the police “Sergeant Bird”. In the videotape of the hearing (approximately 39:20), his name is clearly audible.

RCI identified him as Lieutenant Michael L. Byrd. Although the USCP denied the previous report, they have not denied the report so far.

Byrd seems to match the description of the gunman, and the video shows that he is an African American in a suit that day. Jewelry, including beaded bracelets and lapel pins, also match Bird’s photos.

In addition, Byrd’s resume matches the experience and position of a known police officer involved in the shooting—a senior USCP police officer with the rank of lieutenant and a commander in the House of Representatives branch of the Congressional Police.

Ministry of Justice Previously announced In April, they would not bring charges against the police officer because their investigation “did not show any evidence that when the police officer fired a shot at Ms. Babbitt, the police officer had no reason to believe that it was necessary to do so for self-defense or for Congress. The deputies and others who evacuated the House of Representatives defended.”

The family of Babbitt, who was not informed of the police officer’s name, announced that they would be Prosecute the Congressional Police for $10 million.

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