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Mobi Earbuds combines AI and hybrid ANC in the best earphone purchases of summer

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There is nothing better than a pair of noise-canceling headphones, when you wear them, it will take you into another world. For a long time, you need expensive headphones to get this experience.
Now, there is Mobi.

These true wireless earbuds are the first to use next-generation hybrid ANC and artificial intelligence assisted audio. ANC is so powerful and comprehensive that it can cancel a full range of audio.

Let us remind you: Mobi are true wireless earbuds, not headphones.

How can a pair of earplugs have such a large active noise reduction function? Mobi’s AI has many skills, we will introduce them one by one in the following evaluation.

But if you want to see them running now, you can Click here to enter the pre-order pageIf you place an order as soon as possible, you can save 60% of a pair of Mobi earplugs.

Let’s dive into the capabilities of these next-generation ANC earplugs.

Mobi earplugs: main functions

In addition to mixing ANC and AI technology, Mobi also has many breakthrough advancements. Take a look down.

  • 6 Microphone hybrid ANC
  • AI auxiliary audio
  • 2 extra large drives (12 mm)
  • 100 hour battery
  • Waterproof (IPX6)
  • Engineering comfortable fit
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Four-beamforming microphone (with AI enhancement)
  • Digital assistant access (Siri, Google, etc.)
  • Type-C fast charging and wireless charging
  • Touch control

We don’t have time to delve into every feature of Mobi, so we will tell you more about our favorite features below. To view the full picture, View Mobi here.

Next generation ANC

Mobi’s ANC is a form of hybrid ANC.

Standard hybrid ANC is an advanced type of ANC, but it is not new. This is how it works.

Hybrid ANC combines feedforward ANC and feedback ANC (two of the most popular ANC types) to provide a more comprehensive noise reduction experience. Hybrid earbuds have a feed-forward microphone and a feedback microphone, the former can pick up the sound in your environment, and the latter can be heard from the earphones to correct any unwanted noise.

So far, this is the best ANC you can get.

Mobi introduced a new type of hybrid ANC with 2 feedforward microphones and a feedback microphone, each earbud has a total of 3 microphones.

With 2 feedforward microphones, Mobi can detect the distance and movement of the sound. It can accurately locate noises and eliminate them, which allows ANC to eliminate sounds in the entire audio range within 360 degrees around you.

We haven’t even mentioned artificial intelligence. Mobi’s artificial intelligence will listen to your music as you would through a feedback microphone. It can recognize more than 6000 sounds, so it knows exactly how your music should sound. Any unwanted noise or sound that slides through the feedforward ANC will be eliminated before it reaches your ears.

Mobi’s ANC is very advanced and can even detect noises emitted in the ear canal, such as when the earplug moves or changes in air pressure.

Therefore, it is more than just canceling certain sounds like other ANC earplugs. It canceled everything.

It also has great power. Mobi has an ANC power of 30 dB, which is much stronger than most high-end brands. For example, Apple’s AirPods Pro can only eliminate 20 dB of sound.

This next-generation hybrid ANC is the best choice for wearing headphones while sitting in a soundproof studio.

AI transparent mode

One of the most innovative things about Mobi is the comprehensiveness of artificial intelligence technology. It actually runs the headset, assists with ANC, battery, calls, etc.

Our favorite feature is the AI-driven transparent mode. This is an advanced ANC pass-through mode that you can turn on and off. When opened, it will allow some sounds to reach your ears through the ANC barrier. These sounds include alarms, siren, voices speaking to you, and digital assistants such as Google Home and Alexa.

The transparent mode allows you to enjoy the ANC of the Mobi cancellation world even when you are out. You will always understand the key sounds in the environment, which will make you safer. This is especially important for commuters, cyclists and runners.

It can detect the specific voice speaking to you is really cool (thanks to the dual feedback microphone). Now, when you are drinking coffee or chatting with your neighbors, you do not need to press the pause button or remove the earplugs. Your music and your life are finally seamlessly connected!

Large speakers

Mobi’s 12mm speakers may not look very large. The diameter of 12 mm is only half an inch. But remember, we are talking about inner ear canal earplugs.

Most earbud speakers are only 4-8 mm in diameter. Mobi’s large drive unit produces a huge, body-surrounding sound.

Any speaker freak will tell you that driver size is directly related to sound quality. A bigger driver means better sound. This is because larger speakers can reverberate more air molecules, resulting in clearer and richer audio.

When you put on Mobi, it feels like listening to studio headphones. ANC makes your music feel grander. It’s like your music playing 360° around you.

What about the bass? Wow. We can actually feel it banging in our stomachs. When you wear Mobi, it is hard to believe that they are earplugs.

It is true that the earbuds look a bit fat due to the huge speakers inside, but we can assure you: good value for money.

100 hour battery

We have never had a pair of earplugs that lasted so long. It can be played for 10 hours per charge, and Mobi can be used for a whole day. There are another 90 hours in the suitcase, for a total of 100 hours of play.

You can carry these items on a one-month backpacking trip without having to charge them once.

How do headphones with so many microphones and such powerful ANC power last so long? We couldn’t figure it out, so we asked the engineer behind them.

Mobi’s AI will continuously calibrate the ANC power to eliminate each sound with an equal amount of neutralizing power. Unlike other ANC programs, in addition to constantly neutralizing the anti-noise wall, Mobi’s AI only uses the power it needs, thus saving a lot of battery life.

When the earbuds finally run out of power, just charge them in the carrying case for 15 minutes, and you can play for another 6 hours. The protective case is charged by Type-C fast charging, and it can supply power for up to 100 hours in just 2 hours of plug-in time. You can also charge wirelessly on the Qi charging pad.

Hurricane protection

With all these new technologies, you might think that Mobi is a sensitive little earplug.

Not at all.

These earplugs are reinforced and sealed to prevent damage from shocks, drops, and debris.

They also have an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means they can handle any type of rain from light rain to hurricanes. You can even wear them in the shower.


True wireless earbuds are compact and convenient, but they are notoriously uncomfortable. Can anyone wear them for more than a few hours without headaches?

Mobi tried to solve this problem by inviting ergonomic engineers into the audio laboratory. They used hundreds of ear canal models to build more fitting earplugs. Mobi will not fit into your ears like most other earplugs. They use the natural curve of your ear canal to sit comfortably in your ears without adding too much pressure.

They think you are wearing almost nothing. However, even when you are engaged in strenuous activities, they will not give in.

Buy Mobi earplugs for less than $100

Mobi’s next-generation technology provides some of the best audio experiences in true wireless audio. Next-generation ANC, AI power and battery life are all more advanced than Apple, Bose and Sony’s technology.

However, you can get them at a cheaper price (if you book!).

If you pre-order, you can get Mobi for only $75. At this price, we don’t care if you need a new pair of headphones. Pick up a pair of Mobis anyway. They are absolute thieves.

Even better, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty, so you have no reason not to give it a try.

Check Mobi’s operation now and book your earplugs

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