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Most people expect more severe corona measures in the fall

TonDespite the continuous advancement of the vaccination campaign, most Germans expect an increase in the number of new crown infections in the fall and the government will also introduce new restrictions.In the opinion polls of the polling agencies Superior government 76% said on behalf of the German news agency that they expect the number of infections to increase.

74% of people believe that the fall will strengthen measures to deal with the pandemic. Only 16% think that there will be no new restrictions. Ten percent did not provide any information.

In Germany, the number of new infections per 100,000 residents in seven days on Saturday fell below 5 for the first time in about 11 months.This Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gives a national value of 4.9. According to the World Health Organization, overall, the number of people in Europe has increased again.

No lockdown for vaccinated people

The head of the Prime Minister’s Office Helge Braun asked vaccinated people on Friday to hope that even if a new wave of corona emerges, they will not be subject to a new lockdown-if the vaccine can also resist mutation. “As long as our vaccinations are effective, it is impossible to blockade people at the expense of fully vaccinated people,” a CDU politician told news station MDR Aktuell. “But those who have been vaccinated can also be allowed to return to normal-go to concerts and go shopping.”

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