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My blog is online today – William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory

This year’s trip to Japan is over (woohoo). For me it’s coming home and I have to wait until next year to come back. Anyway, I don’t have time to write an article today, so you’ll have to content yourself with listening to the music I prepared for the flight.

flying music

That’s what I’ve been listening to.

This song – director – from the 1981 album – Brain Injury – British reggae musician and producer – Dennis Bovell.

It’s been a while since I listened to this album, but it was a seminal album for its time.

Dennis Bovell believed reggae music had stagnated in the late 1970s and wanted to see what a hybrid approach would sound like.

The album was his attempt to fuse the standard reggae sound of the time with various other musical forms – soul, rock, lover’s rock and jazz.

In my opinion the album isn’t entirely a success, although I like a lot of the ideas.

This track explores how the bottom end of reggae music sounds fused with jazzy brass lines.

This paved the way for later work by Monty Alexander and others.

This is good flight music.

That’s enough for today!

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