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Nebia by Moen Quattro shower review

Moen Quattro shower Nebia

Crowdfunding review -I work very hard, most of the time I work for a long time. A good shower is heaven to me, and a rain shower is the best. I recently had the opportunity to test and review this Nebia from Moen Quattro Showerhead. Let’s see if it is really heaven! !

what is it?

The Moen Quattro shower Nebia is available in fixed shower or hand shower versions. It is made of recycled marine plastic and provides 4 spray modes. It also has innovative nozzle technology that saves water.

What’s in the box

1 x Nebia by Moen Quattro shower
1 x User Manual

Design and features


The four spray modes provided by Quattro are:

  • Hard spray: The strong water flow from the precision nozzle is perfect for washing thick curly hair and the feeling of high-pressure massage.
  • Angel hair: 150 streams of water bring a feeling of calm and soothing, providing amazing high pressure.
  • Soft spray: Designed to bring Nebia’s iconic spa-like feeling into your home, allowing you to enjoy a soggy, hazy experience.
  • Super savings: When you want to save the most water while keeping enough warmth. A soothing mode, very suitable for young children, pets and sensitive skin.

The Nebia of Moen Quattro shower head has multiple water nozzles at the bottom, which can provide various types of spray. On the other side there is a pipe connection, and on one side is a slider to switch to the desired spray.

which performed

It is easy to change from Moen Quattro shower head to Nebia. I just used a wrench to unscrew my old wrench and replaced it with this new wrench. I did add some duct tape around the screw heads of the pipe to ensure proper sealing.

The following video shows me how to cycle through the spray options:

When I was a kid, I used to like to stand on the beach in the rain. That experience provided the sounds and smells of the ocean and rain and the beauty of nature. I cannot easily replicate the sound and smell of the ocean in the shower, but with this shower head, I can experience rain. It is also very obvious that while providing a very good shower, it also saves water.

what do I like

  • Design and smooth finish
  • Spray options
  • Simple spray selection
  • It is made of recycled plastic
  • Water saving
  • How great is the shower feeling-for the record, my wife agrees 🙂

What will i change

  • A swivel joint is included so that the angle can be adjusted (the image below shows the final result I got. So far, I have not found a suitable color extension arm):

Final thoughts

Before I found something better, the Nebia shower head by Moen Quattro was a haven for me to relax. I like the spray option, it feels like I am standing in the rain. This is not a high-pressure option for this type of massage, but other than that, it provides an excellent shower experience every time. I will have to buy an adjustable swivel arm that can not only change the angle, but I think I will buy one with an extension arm so that I can put this great shower head directly above me. In addition, the use of recycled marine plastic to make these products is also commendable.

price: US$99 (active price).Retail price is US$129
Where to buy: Kickstarter activities
source: The samples for this review were provided by Moen.

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