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Redundancy and waste-your name is the government-red state

We are in the middle of several months of the DC Democrats pushing to spend trillions of dollars.

They are lying and trying to escape it-by tying it all to the bipartisan mood that the federal government should spend money we don’t have on infrastructure.

In addition to the federal government Few companies spend money on infrastructure:

“The private sector owns 65% of the shares, including power stations, freight railroads, pipelines, factories, broadband networks, etc.. State and local governments own 30% of the shares, including highways, schools, and airports. The federal government only owns 5%. Shares, including dams, postal facilities and other assets.”

So, what will happen to most of the “infrastructure” funding we don’t have?


An important bipartisan component of the large amount of cash they hope to release? Provide money for internet connection to people who are not connected.

The way people count people who have nothing to do with the government is very dishonest.

The government’s “digital divide” lies: they don’t even see your smartphone as an internet connection

The number of dollars thrown out is huge.

Biden calls for $100 billion to expand U.S. broadband

Biden cuts broadband plan from 100 billion U.S. dollars to 65 billion U.S. dollars

Democrats push for a $94 billion broadband bill

Except…Several different organizations have spent money on broadband-and have been doing so for years.

NTIA, FCC and USDA announce inter-departmental agreement to coordinate broadband funding deployment

This begs the question.

What if multiple government agencies spent tens of billions of dollars on this and it didn’t happen? Why on earth do you want the government to spend tens of billions of dollars more on things they have proven they cannot do?

The announcement started in June of this year. Therefore, we have allowed three government agencies to spend many years on exactly the same thing-zero coordination. Is there a mistake?

It’s not like these institutions Finally, take the initiative to coordinate:

“This is not entirely self-motivation. Congress requires the agreement as part of the December pandemic relief bill. Government officials and lawmakers have been worried about a lack of coordination.”

Therefore, after years of redundant spending, the government finally began to worry about lack of coordination. Thank you, Madam and Mr. Bureaucrat.

As we all know, the government never participates in double spending.

The United States General Accounting Office (GAO) publishes a copy every year annual report Look at this.

in 2011…

The senator proposes to amend the Senate rules to find duplicate government plans

year 2013…:

“(The now-deceased Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom) Cobain also set up an interesting website called “Replicating the Nation”, which details the cabinet agency’s repeated plans. “The figure of $200 billion is A very conservative low-ball estimate of the potential savings that can be achieved in the repetitive areas identified by GAO. “

In 2016…

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul introduced a method of reducing duplication and scoring

Unless the government has not taken any actual actions against the rats.

year 2011: The federal government’s duplicate plan defrauded taxpayers

2012: Billions of dollars were wasted on redundant federal programs

year 2013: Redundant federal programs waste billions

Year 2014: The government usually has ten agencies to do one job

2016: The FBI wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on duplicate plans and inefficiencies

2018: Redundant federal programs continue to waste tens of billions of dollars

2021: The U.S. wastes billions of dollars on scattered, repeated, and overlapping government programs

Say it again: all the agencies that spend money on broadband have not started to coordinate what they are doing-until last month. After years of hard work, they spent tens of billions of dollars in redundant, repetitive, and ineffective expenses.

Now, DC Democrats hope to give them tens of billions of dollars. Significantly increase their redundant, repetitive, and ineffective efforts.

How unbelievable a well-functioning machine government is.

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