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“Not enough done”

DThree days later Collapse In a high-rise apartment building in Florida, the search for missing persons continued on Saturday night. As the authorities announced, during the rescue work, as of Friday, four bodies had been found, but 159 people were still missing. The rescue team frantically searched for possible survivors in the ruins, but the chances were getting smaller and smaller.

The chief executive of Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levine Cava, said on Friday night: “We will continue all night, and God bless, there will be good news in the morning.” 120 people have been confirmed, but others The whereabouts of 159 people are unknown. “We will continue the search and rescue operation because we still have hope of finding alive,” Levin Kava said.

Champlain Tower, a twelve-story residential building in Surfside, north of Miami Beach, collapsed on Thursday night for unknown reasons. Some residents were able to take the stairs to safety or were rescued from the balcony. I’m afraid many people are surprised by the fainting in their sleep.

Damage was discovered as early as 2018

According to local media reports, the building was built near the surf beach in 1981. Before the accident, roof work had been carried out, but officials believed that this was not the cause of the collapse.

According to a study by environmental scientist Shimon Wdowinski at Florida International University, signs of sinking were found at the site in the mid-1990s. “I don’t know if the crash is foreseeable. But we noticed that the building was moving at the time,” Wdowinski told CNN.

55 apartments are located in the collapsed part of the building.

Build: AP

According to the New York Times, there were already signs of “significant structural damage” under the swimming pool area of ​​the building in 2018. This comes from the report of the engineer who inspected the house at the time. He also found cracks and other damage in the underground parking lot below the complex. The engineer did not warn that the building collapsed, but suggested repairing part of the damage “in time”. The paper went on to say that corresponding repairs should be carried out soon.

Relatives: “I want answers”

Executive Director Levine Cava praised rescuers for their tireless efforts to find victims with the help of sniffer dogs. She reported that sometimes they had to be forced to resign after the shift.

On the other hand, relatives of the missing were frustrated: “Not doing enough,” said Mike Salberg, who flew from New York to Miami after the accident. He told AFP that five family members, including his parents, are still missing. “I want answers,” he added. “We were told they had the best team,” but he didn’t believe it: “Four people died after 40 hours.”

US President Joe Biden expressed his condolences in a letter to the worried family. They went through “difficult times”. He had previously ordered federal aid to support rescue efforts.

A total of 55 apartments were affected by the collapse. As of Friday night, it was still unclear how many people were in the building at the time of the accident, including many holiday apartments. According to Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, many of the missing are from abroad, including Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Canada stated that at least four citizens may also be “affected.”

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