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TM2 is a titanium box for $175, you will want a Sharpie for $1

news -TM2 appeared in the document why anyone would pay so much money for something like this but now. what is it? It is an aluminum, black anodized aluminum, copper, brass or titanium case/cover for the classic Sharpie permanent marker. How does it work? Take a Sharpie marker, throw away the cap, unscrew the two halves of the TM2 housing, slide the Sharpie into it, screw the two halves back together, put on the TM2 cap, and you will get the best Sharpie. Have seen. Want one? Prices range from US$39 for the aluminum version to US$175 for the titanium version. Hey, there is a Sharpie in the box, what are you waiting for?Go to buy one. I promise not to judge you and your spending habits. 🙂

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