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Portugal and Russia are classified as virus mutation areas

widthDue to the widespread use of the delta variant of the coronavirus, the federal government is restricting entry from Portugal and Russia on a large scale.This Robert Koch Institute It was announced on Friday that the two countries will be classified as virus mutation areas on Tuesday, which will lead to far-reaching transportation bans and strict quarantine regulations for travelers.

The countries where Delta Air Lines is expanding are themselves introducing new restrictions. Due to the increasing number of new infections and concerns about the more contagious virus variant Delta, Israel reintroduced mask requirements in public indoor spaces on Friday. In Sydney, the Australian metropolis, several central districts have implemented a week-long lockdown of the new crown virus.principal Angela Merkel (CDU) Once again warned Germans to be cautious.

Australia also has Coronavirus pandemic Largely controlled, especially border closures and strict quarantine rules. However, on Friday, the authorities imposed a week-long lockdown in several areas in central Sydney. “This is to ensure that we don’t ignore any transmission chain,” said Gladys Berejiklian, the head of the New South Wales government. Last week, a new source of infection emerged in the Australian metropolis; there are concerns that the highly contagious Delta variant will spread further.

Since Wednesday, most of Sydney’s 5 million residents have been banned from leaving the city to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to other areas. The rule has been extended to next Friday. The most recent outbreak can be traced back to the service of a driver who brought the plane crew to an isolated hotel about two weeks ago. Since then, the authorities have registered 65 cases of corona.

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