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Powerball jackpot, super million jackpot

According to the latest drawings, the jackpots of Powerball and Mega Millions have grown to a considerable amount. The Powerball jackpot is currently estimated to be worth US$113 million, with a cash value of US$80 million. The next draw will take place on Wednesday night.

The most recent draw took place on Saturday, with a jackpot of 101 million U.S. dollars and a cash option of 71.3 million U.S. dollars. The winning numbers are 26, 40, 41, 55, 65, and the red Powerball is 24. Power Play is 2X.

The latest news did not immediately generate millionaires Powerball Drawing, but the latest drawing has produced many other smaller monetary rewards.

A total of 14 players hit the 4th game and the red powerball, each winning $50,000. However, two of the players used Power Play to hit the 4th game and the red Power Ball, winning $100,000.

Next Mega Millions The drawing will take place on Tuesday night. The jackpot value is estimated at US$82 million and the cash value is US$57.7 million.

This The latest Mega Millions drawing It took place on Friday and won a $72 million jackpot and a cash option of $50.6 million. The winning numbers are 8, 31, 32, 34, 45. The golden Mega Ball is 19 and the Megaplier is 2X.

Not like the latest Powerball In the game, two Mega Millions players immediately became millionaires after the latest drawing. A player from California and another player from North Carolina participated in the 5th game, each winning $1 million.

Lottery winners can choose to receive the grand prize through a one-time payment or an annuity.

Those who choose an annuity will receive an immediate payment, followed by a 29-year payment, with an annual increase of 5% until the final payment.

Photo: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson

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