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Kristi Noem responds to Asa Hutchinson’s factless attack-RedState

If you don’t know who Governor Asa Hutchinson is, you won’t miss too much. The current governor of Arkansas has become a candidate for 2024, but what is more noteworthy is his attempt to improve his image.

Hutchinson is not a Republican who cares about advancing the priorities of Republican voters. Rather, he is trying to become a type of Larry Hogan, making January 6 an issue and vetoing a bill that will protect girls from not having to play sports. Compete with boys in his state in sports. RedState reported the controversy Here with Here.

Hutchinson’s reasoning is that the government has intervened in the protection of children to some extent, writing the concerns of parents as just the product of a culture war. This is my comment surrounding his comment at the time.

Hutchinson tried to express his veto power with clichés about “government overexpansion” because he thought Republicans were stupid enough to buy it.

“This is an over-expansion of the government. You are starting to let lawmakers intervene in health care and set standards for legislation that overrides health care,” Hutchinson said at a press conference on Monday. “The state should not assume participation in every ethical health decision.”

Oh, you mean how does Arkansas prohibit abortion of underage children? Or how can you not use Botox to inject your ten-year-old? The idea that the government has not stopped certain “medical care” treatments to protect children is completely wrong. Why does the same principle not apply to something as serious as trying to “transition” a 12-year-old child?

My conclusion is that this is exactly why Republicans often fail. Hutchinson obviously comes from an established class who believe that you can float on disputes instead of participating in cultural wars, and in some way will not eventually lose the entire society in the process.As Conservative struggle against critical race theory It turns out that if there is anything left to save at the end of the day, it is necessary to get into the mud and punch.

In view of all this, it is not surprising that Hutchinson also decided to weigh the issue of Republican governors sending troops to the border. This was done to help Texas deal with the massive wave of illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley. When appearing on CNN with Dana Bash, something Republicans should never do, Hutchinson decided to attack South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. In doing so, he obviously did not have all the facts.

Yes, except that is not what happened. Noam responded to the actual timetable, indicating that the deployment was planned before donating to the state.

Here are two things that indicate that Hutchinson should prepare for a beautiful and long-term retirement after his tenure in Arkansas ends.

First, without having all the information, no Republican governor should attack another Republican governor like this. Hutchinson could have easily asked Noam what happened before he appeared. Otherwise, he could have told Bash that he needed more information before commenting on the matter.

Second, forgetting that Hutchinson’s criticism lacks substance, why did he accept Dana Bash’s party-setting issue on CNN to cause divisions within the party? This alone is enough to prevent him from being taken seriously by Republicans. Republican voters will forgive many things. Becoming CNN’s pawn is not one of them. Hutchinson chose to do this, hitting a popular Republican governor in the process, which shows his serious lack of judgment.

Maybe Hutchinson hopes that after his political career, all his knee bends will produce a nice, fat board position? He had better hope, because any hope that he can participate in the competition in 2024 is purely delusional.

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