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Levin was again nominated as Prime Minister of Sweden

DHe has resigned, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löwen has good prospects of continuing to govern. On Monday, Parliament Chairman Andreas Nolen once again nominated him for the post of Prime Minister. At a joint press conference in Stockholm, Norlén said that Löfven told him that he had found a solution to form a government that parliament can tolerate.

Matthias Vesuvius

Political journalist from northern Germany and Scandinavia, based in Hamburg.

The German Parliament will vote on Löfven on Wednesday. Even if Parliament accepts the Social Democratic Party as prime minister, the government crisis in Sweden still seems unresolved. Because it is still unknown how Löfven will pass Parliament in the fall to obtain his draft budget.

Controversy over liberalization of rent policy

Government crisis triggered dispute with mid-June Leftist Regarding the planned liberalization of rent policies. The Left Party lost its trust in the Levin Red and Green Party minority government, and together with the opposition composed of two bourgeois parties and right-wing populists, voted for the motion of no confidence in Levin. He is the first prime minister in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who is not trusted by the parliament.

Löfven then decided to resign so that the chairman of the parliament Norlén could explore a new alliance. After Ulf Kristersson had to quickly abandon the attempts of the bourgeois moderates, Norlén Löfven ordered the search for a new alliance. Norlén said that from the beginning, this was a unique legislative period in Sweden.

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So far, Levin and his red and green minority government have relied on the support of the two bourgeois parties, the Liberal Party and the Center Party. In addition, the left-wing party has always tolerated him, and he will continue to do so as long as the rent policy is not liberalized.

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