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The way Congress operates should be changed. For four years, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, William Barr, and Kevin McCarthy have been attacking our democratic foundations. If corruption is to be eliminated from the government, the constitution needs to be revised. Change #1. Eliminate the position of majority and minority leader #2 from Congress. Set the current president as law #3 that can be prosecuted. Limit the scope of the presidential pardon #4. The President must publish tax return #5. The attorney general will be restricted from forming alliances with the president.

Unfortunately, lying, nepotism, lack of transparency, mental illness, illegality, and abuse of power are all deviant behaviors currently tolerated by elected members of the executive and legislative branches of our government. Due to the extreme partisan culture (promoted by the Republican Party), the normalization of these behaviors has now corroded our democracy and threatened its survival. Democrats are not superior to corruption, but as a political party, they will actively reject members who may be found to be illegal or immoral.

The problem is Majority and minority leadership positions

People living in these offices often have one goal; to stay united and pursue power at all costs. The inherent problems with this goal are;

  • It transforms the coalition from the voters of individual countries to the leaders’ agenda
  • It creates an environment of desire for power and self-competition, shifting the focus from the needs of the people to the political game of politicians
  • It reduces the power of the individual voices of senators and congressmen
  • It gives a person the power to discuss and vote on which bills are allowed to be proposed
  • It increases the chance of corruption and places the results of legislation on a person’s mental health and character.

The U.S. Constitution says that “no one can be above the law.” However, due to the policies of the Ministry of Justice, the president is considered non-indictable during his tenure. Although most presidents do not have dangerous psychological barriers, we have learned from the election of Donald Trump that anti-social narcissists can catch some people. They do not recognize the danger posed by these personality traits and do not care that the United States retains it. Values, ethics, or democracy.

Some of the dangers of the DOJ policy that cannot bring criminal proceedings against the current president are:

  • National security is compromised by a potentially corrupt alliance with the enemy
  • Laws that violate the Constitution weaken the protection of the civil rights of certain groups of people
  • Damage to the country’s economic power due to corrupt, economically motivated abuse of power
  • Misuse of the military for political gain or revenge
  • Standardize and model the abnormal criminal behavior of the public, and may increase the criminal behavior of the general population

Presidential pardon If people have “paid their debts to society” and apologized, confessed their mistakes and repented, it is intended to be used to forgive their crimes. Donald Trump distorted the power of pardons by using pardons to free criminal friends and political cronies. He sent a signal to the convicted felons Paul Maniford and Roger Stone that if they remained loyal to him, he would pardon them. In investigations of the president, abuse of the power of pardon can be used as a form of obstruction of justice. Trump used pardons to prevent people from turning their faces on him.If there is nothing to hide, why would anyone be so afraid of flipping?

The publication of tax returns by presidential candidates has become the norm for building trust and transparency among those running for office.

Since the 1970s, the president has announced their taxes. The presidential tax return problem began with Richard Nixon, when it was discovered that Nixon had only paid $800 of the $200,000 in income. Nixon reluctantly announced his taxes. President Ford refused, but under pressure released a summary of his returns, and President Jimmy Carter released all his returns. However, Donald Trump, the big liar, promised to do so, but never did. The New York District Attorney submitted the case to the Supreme Court and ruled by a 7 to 2 vote that the president cannot exempt them from taxes if there are legitimate reasons. Trump is often compared to Nixon because they have similar patterns in lying and corruption.

Finally, after Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr corrupted and abused his office power, it is clear that constraints need to be set to control any future AG’s political motives for corruption. Barr’s tenure was so shocking. The motivation was his belief in the supremacy of the president. His actions in the office were scrutinized by thousands of legal experts, the Washington State Bar Association, and the American people.

The new generation of parliamentarians focused on reassessing the loopholes in the constitution, which led to rampant corruption in the government, especially in the executive branch of the government. So far, these young legislators, especially those from the Democratic Party, have brought hope to the end of the corruption in the executive branch where Donald Trump is at large!

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