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Robert Mueller’s service animal, Andrew Weissmann, about Tucker Carlson and Yaps of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and confirmed that you are most concerned about him. Bad idea – RedState

In the past few weeks, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been engaged in various wars of words with the US intelligence community (IC).First, Carlson claimed that he had received a tip from an IC whistleblower, telling him that his text messages were being read, and, as shown in good faith, told Carlson of the content of one or more of the messages, see Tucker Carlson’s espionage allegations match our knowledge of the out-of-control intelligence communityThen, the National Security Agency (NSA) responded in the most incredible way you can imagine; in fact, denial sounds strange, like admitting guilt, relying on legal terms to avoid admitting the truth, see The NSA’s response to Tucker Carlson’s allegations shows what they are hiding.

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Earlier this week, Carlson increased his bet, claiming that a member of the Washington media gave him one or more copies of his own email or emails that were leaked to this person by the IC. The National Security Agency did not deny this story. They just mentioned their previous non-denial. However, this is not the end of the story. The National Security Agency contacted Jonathan Swan of Axios and tried to change the circumstances that allowed Carlson to be tapped. They suggested that he is discussing with the Russians to arrange an interview with Vladimir Putin, which may be the reason. The leftists swallowed this spit in their usual greedy manner, but the explanation still did not explain a) Carlson’s revelation or b) his personal email shopping to reporters.My story is Tucker Carlson filed new allegations of NSA misconduct, and the intelligence community began damage control.

We have entered a different stage tonight. The two more despicable talk leaders on cable, Frank Figliuzzi and Andrew Weissman, on MSNBC’s “Deadline” show…emphasize “death”…and discuss the story.

There are a few things worth noting here. First, Figliuzzi does not deny that Carlson was tapped. His statement was that Carlson knew he had talked with a Russian agent and wanted to get out before breaking the news. He ignored the following facts: a) Talking with Russian agents is not a crime unless you are committing another crime; b) Even if Carlson talks with Russian intelligence agents, his name will still be covered up because he is American and he The personal communication will not spread about DC. We have never been told why Carlson had to face a revelation based on a private phone call and illegally leaked.

Andrew Weissman, James Comey’s deputy during the satire of the special counsel, then weighed. He admitted that Carlsen may have been “accidentally” monitored because of his contact with Putin’s staff…By the way, the source of the story Carlsen tried to contact Putin was interviewed because it was leaked to Axios, not from Carlsen. …And, at 4:55, he said that Carlson complained publicly rather than dealt with the Justice Department privately as “anti-American.”

think about it. Before suffering the humiliation of the unanimous overthrow of the US Supreme Court, the guy who destroyed the accounting giant Arthur Andersen and made more than 20,000 people unemployed. Accuse Tucker Carlson of being anti-American. Those who used his position as a special adviser to carry out a personal jihad against Paul Manafort called Tucker Carlson an anti-American. Sued a group of Russian companies for interference in the 2016 election, and then gave him his ass in a grand manner. The idiot genius behind it called Tucker Carlson anti-American.

It is obvious from this that no one, even the incompetent on MSNBC, would not deny that Carlson’s communication was intercepted. What they can’t explain is how these communications are provided to people outside of IC, with Carlson’s name attached. The reason they can’t explain is that this series of events is only possible if someone decides to unmask Carlson after he has been legally monitored and illegally spread his communications…or if Carlson is under surveillance by the US government. Serious reporters, if we have any reporters in this country, we will try to find out.

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