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Romney reacts to Biden’s infrastructure deal comment

Utah Senator Mitt Romney said on Sunday that after the White House said on Thursday that Biden would not sign the agreement, he believed that President Joe Biden would honor the promise of a $1 trillion infrastructure agreement unless there is a bigger deal. The Democrats support bill is also included.

on Saturday, Biden clarifies position Passed full support for the bill.

“My comments give people the impression that I am issuing a veto threat to the plan I just agreed to. This is of course not my intention. I intend to go all out to promote the passage of the plan that Democrats and Republicans agreed on Thursday.” Biden Say.

“This is good for the economy, for our country, and for our people. I fully support it without reservation or hesitation.”

Appeared on the CNN show “Union state,Romney revealed that he believes Biden will implement the discussed agreement, rather than trying to incorporate legislation opposed by Republicans.

“I do believe what the president said. In the weeks and weeks of negotiations with the Democrats and the White House on the infrastructure bill, the president’s other agenda has never been tied to infrastructure work,” Romney told host Jack Ta. amber.

Romney If Biden did not issue a statement to clarify his comments, he could disrupt infrastructure transactions.

“If it has not been clarified and he has not made it clear that these are two different measures-the infrastructure bill is independent, his other agenda items, those things are also their own-he has not made it clear why, I think It’s hard for Republicans to say that we support this,” he said.

Romney, who was criticized by former President Trump, also reiterated his position that the 2020 election has not been rigged in favor of Biden.

“It’s very clear. The election is fair. This is not the result. [Trump] Want it, but let’s move on,” Romney said.

Romney continues to imply that Trump’s “big lie” is a threat to democracy.

“If the authoritarian states can point to the United States, it is the true birthplace of modern democracy, and it can be said,’Look, they can’t even hold elections there without fraud… This is obviously for the cause of democracy and freedom around the world,” Luo Muni said.

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