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“Significant” vs. “Significant” in Italian – what’s the difference?

In this article, I want to explore a very common mistake that learners of Italian, especially native English speakers, tend to make. It involves two expressions: Reasonable and Reasonable. although they all contain the word Feel (Feel), their meanings could not be more different.

Reasonable / Reasonable

Makes sense vs makes sense

In English, we might say that something “makes sense” when we want to describe it as logical or understandable.Because the literal translation of “make” in Italian is fare (which also means “to do”), it’s very common to hear native speakers use this expression incorrectly Reasonable It means “make sense”.

The correct way to express this idea in Italian is not with a verb fare but with have (have). In other words, Italians describe things as “having meaning” rather than “meaningful”.

does it make sense what you say!

You are right!

this passage is not does it make sense.

This statement makes no sense.

You’ll often see this expression used with the following adjectives:

  • makes sense = very meaningful
  • Meaningless = Meaningless
woman lying on sofa watching tv
Does this movie make sense? I do not understand. = Does this movie make sense? I do not understand.

Reasonable Clauses can also be introduced, as in the following example:

  • It doesn’t make sense for him to come too. = There’s no point in him coming.
  • There’s a reason this show is called The Office. It happened at the office! = There’s a reason the TV show is called The Office. It happened at the office!

so what is Reasonable Meaning, I hear you asking. makes sense Refers to the unpleasant sensation you experience when you see something disgusting or disturbing that causes a feeling of discomfort or nausea. People often use this word to describe things like insects, spiders, snakes, dead bodies or blood.

Snakes mean a lot to me!

Snakes give me the creeps!

Blood made it clear to me: I can’t look at it.

The blood makes me sick: I can’t look at it.

Some other ways to express disgust in Italian include:

  • It’s disgusting = It’s disgusting
  • make me sick = disgusting
  • terrible = too disgusting
A tarantula spider extends its claws to a child's face.Brave boy plays with giant spider
Spiders meant nothing to him. = He will not be disgusted by spiders.

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