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Still using Windows 7?Now that support is dead, these safety tips will protect your laptop

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Before ensuring the safety of your laptop or computer, you must understand Windows 7.

what is Windows 7? It is an old operating system of Microsoft Windows and its release date is October 2009. It works on the same user interface used in Windows Vista, the UI. Windows 7 replaces the previous version by enhancing various functions (such as speed, virtual hard disk, boot performance, multi-core processor, etc.).

But Microsoft ended support for the operating system in January 2020. Therefore, it is becoming more and more difficult for users who still insist on using Windows 7 and are mainly concerned about how to effectively protect their machines. Technology is helpful to our antivirus You can protect your laptop, so just remember some measurement steps and you can support his laptop or computer by enhancing its security.

  • Cut off your internet connection:-When using Windows 7, you must keep in mind that it is an outdated operating system, so we should avoid using everything in bulk. If you are using any hardware device or any software program to run effectively, then we recommend that you cut off the Internet connection, because it can protect your system from harmful viruses from different malicious websites.
  • Always use an authentic web browser: –When your operating system is out of date and has not received any updates, choose an authentic web browser. So, you have to package from the other side like your security system and web browser. Avoid Internet Explorer, because Microsoft also recommends a more secure and modern browser.There are several browsers that can run on Windows 7, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft’s new Edge browser Mozilla Firefox.
  • Keep your apps updated or delete them:-Keep installed application Update to the latest available version. As we all know, Windows 7 has been released before. Therefore, many unused applications may be pre-installed or installed, and even if you no longer need them, keeping them will make your operating system vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, go to the control panel of Windows 7, then go to the installed programs and delete the applications you don’t use.

Keeping Windows 7 can be your choice, but for now, remember that Microsoft washes your hands themselves to keep your system safe. Windows 7 will become more and more vulnerable to attacks, thereby exploiting and affecting most of the system’s functions. Now that the times have changed, it is time for you to change.

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