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Ten weeks before the recall, Newsom said California was “too dirty” and hoped that taxpayers would pay $13.5 billion for cleanup-RedState

Now the date for the California governor’s recall election has been set-now A strong candidate with bipartisan support across the state has entered the competition – Gavin Newsom suddenly admitted that the rampant homelessness and piles of rotting trash in the state’s cities are not just a small problem. On Wednesday, he carefully picked up some rubbish on a highway, of course, he also announced that the state is investing money to try to solve the problems they created.

Newsom’s comment at the press conference was the most speechless comment I heard from his mouth. What he said was:

“This is an unprecedented effort to recognize what we all learned when driving in this state. It’s damn dirty. It’s time to clean up the state. It’s time to be more responsible. It’s time to use ours more appropriately. Taxes. People want to see the results of their hard work…”

Did Newsom just notice this? The filth does not appear overnight. In fact, the state’s roads were once completely beautified until the California Department of Transportation removed the costly maintenance of trees and ground cover about 20 years ago, mainly because they were not drought tolerant.substitute Planted trees and shrubs, But something went wrong along the way. In many areas, highway exits and right of way are now full of weeds and poorly maintained trees. Camps for the homeless fill in the gaps in urban areas, while in the suburbs, rubbish piles up like mountains.

At least in Los Angeles, executives from the California Department of Transportation blamed the garbage explosion on the pandemic, but NBC Los Angeles Found that this was-surprised-not true.

For two years, the NBC4 I-Team has been recording mountains of garbage on highways 101, 10, and 170, and noticed that the garbage got worse during the pandemic.

“In the early days of the pandemic, we were unable to pick up trash for a while…so we were behind eight goals,” [Caltrans Supervisor Tony] Tavares told NBC4.

But Caltrans records obtained by I-Team show that the agency stopped picking up trash in key areas of the Los Angeles freeway long before the pandemic began. For example, a large area of ​​uncollected garbage under Highway 10 near Los Angeles’ Fashion District has not been cleaned by the California Department of Transportation since 2018. Since March 2019, the garbage on Highway 101 near Deacon Henyard Church has not been cleaned up-a full year before the pandemic.

Tavares told NBC Los Angeles that he was embarrassed by the garbage problem and they could have done better, claiming that he is now arranging staff to solve the problem over the weekend. The NBC story was released in February 2021, but Newsom still condemned the situation on July 7. what happened? It’s as if Newsom really didn’t care until the recall became a reality.

Yes, Gavin, now is the time to use our taxes appropriately and take more responsibility. Why are they used improperly? If we did not embezzle the funds Caltrans could have used in their budget to complete the halfway, over-budget and over-planned work of building bullet trains, then the roads might not be so chaotic. If Newsom and his cronies continue to enforce littering, loitering, wandering, trespassing, vandalism, and other laws, and hold people accountable, then maybe we won’t have this problem.

For the past 10 years, Newsom has served as governor or lieutenant governor. In theory, during his travels throughout the state, he had to notice their disrepair and complete filth. Once again, since Newsom lives in a multi-acre, gated manor in the suburbs, his wife was not forced to push the child’s stroller over people with untreated mental illness and avoid becoming The pile of human feces takes them to preschool. Nevertheless, he was aware of the problem and did nothing—until he was forced to do so.

Newsom later pointed out that the state had made an “unprecedented” $12 billion investment in the new budget to allow homeless people to leave the streets and enter transitional housing. As the disgusting report, despite the trillions of dollars invested in this exact plan over the past decade, the homeless population in California has continued to explode. Project room keyThe aim is to take over hotels and let the homeless to destroy them, and to get the homeless to leave the streets during the COVID pandemic. This is a complete failure.

As Politico’s Carla Marinucci reported, Newsom screamed “more resources than at any time in California history” to solve this problem.

In the Q&A session, a reporter described a common situation where the California Department of Transportation would clear a camp in a highway underpass, and then a new camp would appear in another underpass in a few days, and asked about Newsom State and the place. What kind of coordination will be carried out between governments in order to avoid this situation. Newsom replied:

I know the nature of the mole-mouse you described. But besides, I hope… everyone realizes this. In California’s history, we have actually never had a plan to solve the problem of camps and the homeless, and 2 have the resources we launched this year.

Setting aside Newsom’s use of A and 2 when listing his views, why have we not planned to solve the camp and homelessness problem until now? Campsites have been a major issue for many years. They are the source of countless bush fires, as well as the scene of countless rapes, stabbings, shootings, and brutal murders (such as lighting a disabled person’s tent while sleeping in it).

In addition, the camp Cause health hazards to all people living there And all those who work with the homeless, such as Pastor Andy Bells in Los Angeles, who contracted an infection while working in a slum and lost part of his leg. It took so long for the country to come up with a plan? Sorry, Gavin. game over.

Newsom continued:

What we are announcing here today is a $1.1 billion state fund that will be used and matched with local funds to clean up the state. What we announced a few months ago was a $12 billion pledge to solve the problem of homelessness in various forms and manifestations. This $12 billion has provided the local government with unprecedented resources to keep people away from the streets, camps, shelters, hotels, motels, and supportive housing. This is unprecedented in California history.

Let people leave the street and enter things like Project Roomkey? Do not change state laws regarding supervision, mandatory hospitalization for mental health or drug addiction treatment, revocation of probation or parole, and do not enforce vagrant, loitering, littering, public poisoning laws, etc. (and actually prosecute), good luck.

Incredibly, Newsom ended his answer by stealing what many people, including myself, Kurt Schlichter of Townhall, and Dr. Drew have said over the years:

For those who live in the camp, there is no sympathy, no sympathy. Full stop, full stop.

Newsom has more than 10 years to solve this problem, and all his “solutions” will only make things worse. He taught us to “sympathize” our “homeless neighbors” while standing aside watching thousands of people fall into deeper drug addiction and disease, unable to meet their basic needs. He waved to those who he believed were selfishly worried about the safety of their families or the viability of the business, because the tent city stretched its tentacles into the downtown area and into the family community, while ignoring thousands of vulnerable groups (mainly women) He was raped or robbed or forced into prostitution in the camp many times. Last year, when thousands of homeless people were murdered or died on the street, he chattered about “we are all together” and they were surrounded by dirt and other people’s bodily fluids.

Do not. The only voter participating in the “Clean California” campaign this year was when we packed and shipped Gavin Newsom’s office items to his home in Marin County. We can no longer tolerate Gavin Newsom’s California.

If you can tolerate intermittent and unnatural huge smiles, here is a video of the event.

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