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The death of Napoleon Bonaparte – Archives, 1821 | Napoleon Bonaparte

Captain Crockat of the 20th Regiment arrived at the Admiralty on Wednesday, and a message from St. Helena announced this important event. The following is the specific situation.

St. Helena, May 7
Buonaparte died at 6 pm on May 5th. He was ill for six weeks. The past two weeks have only been considered dangerous. The corpse has been opened, and it is determined that the disease is a cancer in the stomach with a large degree of ulcer. Since yesterday afternoon, the admiral, the governor and the head of the department saw the body for the first time, and he has been lying in state. In the first four weeks of his illness, it did not show any very dangerous appearance, although he himself seemed to realize that it would end fatally.

But in the past two weeks, all the medical staff knew that he could not recover. It is said that he did not instruct his affairs and documents until five or six hours before his death. He remained sane until that time. He said that he wanted to be opened so that his son could understand his nature of illness. The body was opened by his own surgeon.

We believe that he left a will, together with his other documents, has been or of course will be transmitted to this country. In his last moments, he showed a kind of character trait, which marked the “passion of ruling in death”. When he reached the finish line, at his own request, he was accustomed to wearing a field marshal uniform, boots and spurs, and being placed on a camping bed, he was accustomed to sleeping on top of all others when he was healthy. It is said that his dress has expired. His attendants wanted to transport his body to Europe; but when he opened his will, he found that he had left a request for it to be buried on the island, and pointed out where he wanted the body to rest in a beautiful place near his residence. In the valley.

Although Bonaparte should have suffered a lot, his disintegration was so peaceful and serene, he did not sigh, nor did he suggest to onlookers that it was so close. When the heron leaves, the date of the funeral has not yet been determined, but it is understood that the funeral will be awarded military honors due to his military rank.

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