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Hamburg’s Ecco Verlag makes women’s books for everyone

Mrs. Betka, Mrs. Hage, Ecco’s motto Publishing Company It is “what do we want to read”. They just want to read women. why?

Kathrin Betka: Literary classics are still very masculine. We have also put the author’s book on the shelf. However, this has changed at the same time. We hope to give female authors the attention and space they deserve, but in our opinion, it is not enough so far.

Why do you think it is necessary to carry out this kind of targeted promotion of female writers in the literary world?

Laura Haag: Because whether it is in literary awards, reviews or bookstores, the attention of writers is still higher than that of female writers. They are deeply ingrained patterns that have become so solid over the years that they are difficult to break. We focus on attention, awareness and loyalty. Women support women.

Only women work for you. Someone might criticize your publishing philosophy for excluding people—that is, men.

Betka: We are prepared for this kind of criticism. But it was said less than expected. For us, this shows how necessary and timely this approach is. We are asked from time to time whether we publish women’s books for women. But we want to make women’s books for everyone.

The reader market is actually very feminine. Women read and buy more books than men. But you rarely try to become a female writer. Do they lack role models?

Hagg: Not really, because there are many great female writers and many female writers. We now want to provide them with a stage that has not yet been given. We want to make the role model more visible.

Is there any fundamental difference between male and female literature?

Hage: There is no generalization in spelling. More about the main theme. Meg Mason’s novel “What We Want” in our first show is about a woman dealing with children’s problems and related fears, expectations, and clichés. From our point of view, it is impossible for one person to write such a strong and emotional work.

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