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The favorite COVID “expert” of the right shows that he is no better than Fauci – RedState

It is surprising that many right-wingers, especially those in power, cannot learn from their past failures. This is fully demonstrated when many of them still support Dr. Anthony Fauci as the non-political and fair arbiter of COVID.

finally, Fauci’s partisan display It has become so shocking that even the most spineless Republicans have to admit what the rest of us have been saying since April 2020. However, the desire to have your own “expert” is still obvious.

Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA official, is betting his flag on the more moderate Fauci, willing to share common sense from time to time. Those who once praised Fauci’s invulnerability soon entered Gottlieb’s camp.

But as I wrote before, Gottleib’s deception is only a little more cunning than Fauci’s, and his latest comment shows this.

Where are we too complacent? What does “more vigilant” mean? We already have a flu vaccine. People can choose whether to get them. Does Gottlieb recommend to wear a mask mandatory? More blockades? It’s hard to tell, because he deliberately remains ambiguous. However, he did mention the airflow in the workplace, which is a favorite topic of people. Teachers union.

Of course, it is not difficult to imagine the exact meaning of Gottlieb. Those who responded to his clip got the news.

Yes, I and all other right-minded Americans will reject it. We are not living in sterile foam. People need interaction and community. They do not need to wear a cloth on their faces at all times, nor do we need to spend billions of dollars, and we do not have to meet the basic arbitrary standards that constitute vigilance. You cannot eliminate all risks in life.

However, I am not sure whether these are really related to health. On the contrary, Gottlieb tasted the spotlight and didn’t want to let go. If people no longer panic about COVID and the current flu, then his CNN will dry up and Sunday’s show will stop broadcasting. This is the same person. He played a year as an expert on TV while also serving on the board of a vaccine company. To others, does this sound like a slight conflict of interest?

I say I’m cynical, but I think the people who talk to these TV doctors don’t want to return to normal, for obvious reasons. If things return to normal, their gravy train will stop. In my opinion, it is that simple, which makes Gottlieb no better than Fauci in this regard. You want Republicans to understand the game at this point, instead of going from one bureaucrat who knows nothing to another bureaucrat who knows nothing before. However, they will not call it a stupid party for no reason.

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