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The FBI is furious over what they allegedly seized from the Capitol thugs – RedState

We have seen the FBI spare no effort to hunt down people involved in the Capitol riots, but we have not seen that BLM/Antifa has given the same level of attention to countless organized criminal actions in the past year to target various government entities, including the federal government. government.Differences in attention and actions of suspected participants It is clear.

The FBI has hunted down participants and conducted searches across the country. They even have a “most wanted” website Committed to hunting down those suspected of participating.

But now smoking gun There is another story Shows that the FBI is willing to study the riots in depth. According to The Smoking Gun, the FBI seized a “completely constructed US Capitol Lego set” from the home of the 27-year-old “riot leader” Robert Morss.

Well, they must have him now, and they took a toy from his house. Both The Smoking Gun and Daily Beast are now Babylon bees.

This aroused the reaction of many leftists, who believed that this toy was a blueprint to some extent, so the riots were not spontaneous. Pro tip, guys? This is a toy. Toys will not make you really feel anything, they will never tell you where you are safe. However, if we want to treat it as evidence of lack of spontaneity or show that it was pre-planned, then this is another matter that can break the argument that President Trump’s speech that day incited riots.

Bottom line? Law enforcement agencies know what the person did or did not do from the evidence, video, and photo evidence they have. They don’t need to hunt down people’s toys.

Some people couldn’t believe that they would try their best to grab Lego bricks.

Ssh, there is no logic, sir, they are rolling.

Will they now promote the abolition of Lego bricks? Or need general background checks?

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