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The assassination of Haitian President Yorvernell Mois

Early this morning, a group of attackers broke into the private residence of Haitian President Yovernell Moise and assassinated him. His wife Martin was also shot.From New York Times:

In recent months, the streets of Haiti have been flooded with angry protests demanding the removal of Mr. Moise. He has been in power for more than a year, and has passed laws and regulations. Many people-including constitutional scholars and legal experts-argue that his term has expired.

The country has not been rebuilt since the devastating earthquake 11 years ago. Despite billions of dollars in reconstruction assistance, many people say the situation is worse. Armed groups control the streets and even kidnap school children and church priests in their service. Poverty and hunger are increasing, and the government is accused of getting rich for itself without even providing the most basic services.

[Prime Minister Claude] Joseph said that the president was “cowardly assassinated”, but the murderer “cannot assassinate his idea.” He called on the country to “keep calm” and said he will address the nation on Wednesday. He said that the security situation in the country is under the control of the police and the army.

image (Cut): Voice of America Creole Service (Public area)

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