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The first part of the documentary “Soldiers”

BIt was not until the third date that 21-year-old Jeremy Meyer dared to take the aptitude test. So far, his weight is too light for the federal government. Now it finally worked. Not long after, Jeremy, wearing a camouflage uniform, was training. Helmet The assault rifle in his hand disappeared, just in case.

The ARD documentary “Soldiers” followed the development of three recruits for more than two years. What Jeremy, Alexis, and Jerry are involved in is very clear: the armored grenadier battalion in Hagenau (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) is a battle-tested unit. Can fly in difficult places.

“When I’m in front, they won’t fumble on their faces, whether it’s itchy or I know it.” The queue set the tone for the first day. Give up for the first time in the evening. “It’s like a school trip, just a little more strict,” recruit Alexis said as he tried on the new uniform. But the first impression will soon be deceptive.

The three-month basic training-a marathon through mud, water and forest-pushes the recruits to their physical and mental limits.By contrast Armed forces The “soldiers” shown in the specially produced public relations column are far more than slow-motion records of drill sergeants and helicopters. Documentary filmmakers Christian von Brockhausen and Wilhelm Conrad gave up their own comments and instead let their protagonists tell their stories. In the quiet and introspective moment of the film, we accompanied the three young people back to their hometown. “It would be better if there were no foreign missions, but someone must do it,” he recruited Jerell to his worried mother on the balcony of a rented apartment in Reinikendorf in Berlin. None of them knew he would fly to Afghanistan in a year.

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