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The New York Times lists Tucker Carlson as a regular anonymous source for the media he “hates”

Right-wing Fox News host Tucker Carlson pretends to be an independent person. He confronts the mainstream media and is willing to turn reporters into objects of ridicule and contempt by the audience.But today’s New York Times’s Ben Smith Listed Carlson as a regular anonymous source of media he claimed to hate.

Mr. Carlson is a proud traitor to the elite political class, and he spends time not condemning the free media for dealing gossip with them. He is the first choice for sometimes unflattering stories about Donald J. Trump and internal political coverage of Fox News (not to mention the story about Mr. Carlson himself). I will not talk about any informal conversations I might have with him here. But 16 other reporters (none of them are from The Times; if I ask them, my colleagues will be in a strange situation) told me in the background that, as three of them said, he has always been “a good source”.

this is protector, to sum up Smith’s paid items:

“In Trump’s Washington, Tucker Carlson is a major source of super secret information,” Smith quoted Wolfe as saying in a new prose. “I know this because I know what he told me, and I can track his exquisite and untrue gossip through unsourced reports, because it often appears in recognized wisdom.”

… A “reporter of a well-known publication often talks to Mr. Carlson” and said: “The public does not know how many roles he plays on both sides.” Another said: “If you open up your resources to mainstream media reporters, you You don’t even have to ask them to be weak to you.” Smith said he would not disclose the content of his informal conversation with Carlson.

Smith explained that mainstream journalists would not follow Carlson the way they pin Glenn Baker:

Many reporters covering Carlson said that in the Washington media, Mr. Carlson’s comfortable position in the Washington media made certain reports lose their advantage. They said it also served as a kind of insurance to protect him from marginalization, which ended the Fox career of his predecessor Glenn Baker, who also attracted a large audience due to the shady theory of elite conspiracies. .

Carlson was even terrified New York Times He did not cover him by spreading lies about the reporter assigned to the story, and was unable to complete it due to the resulting death threats and publicity.

Last year, when a freelance writer and photographer for The Times began to write an article about his studio in rural Maine, Mr. Carlson preemptively named and attacked the two on the radio and named one of them. Described as a political activist, Eric Wimple The Washington Post called this an “astonishing fabrication.” According to The Times media editor Jim Windolf (Jim Windolf), after the photographer’s home was threatened and threatened, the planned article was an unpublished lightweight report.

political Smith also reported that in order to avoid Carlson’s anger, the company will publish a report on vulgar advertisements on Fox News: “Before any report was published, Mr. Carlson launched an offensive and broadcast an attack on Politico and a Hong Kong company. Fragments of the newspaper’s partnership., he asked [reporter] Mr. Schreckinger answered this question. “

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